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& # 39; Red Dead 2 & # 39; Fast Money Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers many opportunities to get sweets with or without money. In this guide you will find some tips to get rich quick. If you want to buy this first class weapon or cool outfit, here are a few steps to get there.

1) Play the Campaign : That may seem like a frustrating tip, but it's probably the best. Campaign missions lead you to quests that include robberies, bandits, and other worthwhile activities that will lead you to serious loot.

Simply said, Red Dead Redemption 2 is designed so that its developers will not do it. I really do not want players to afford tedious grinds for money. Only by playing through do you earn most of the game's best weapons and other goodies without spending a dime. Eventually, you'll find that you have such good equipment that money is no longer a problem.

2) Three gold bars in the Money Hollow : Go to this point east of the Adana Falls and you will get a slot in the side of the rocks. [1

94559009]  Red statue of the dead Puzzle card You will find the puzzle statue at Adana Falls. Rockstar Games / Mida Life Crisis @ YouTube

It's dark inside, so you'll have to wait until day or have a lantern in your possession. In the middle of a room stands a series of statues. [194559009]  Red Dead Statue Puzzle Slot Enter this slot in the rock face. Rockstar Games / Mid-Life Crisis @ YouTube

One of them lacks an arm that can be found on the ground nearby. Place the arm on the statue that needs it and press the buttons on each statue in this order: ]   Red Dead Statue Puzzle Arm Look for the missing statue arm on the floor. Rockstar Games / Mida Life Crisis @ YouTube

The statue closest to the entrance> skip the next one to the right> press the next> skip the next> Press the next one two in a row. In the end, the cave will tremble and three gold bars will fall from the central statue. Sell ​​these rods to a fence symbolized by a basket icon on the world map

3) The Poison Path Treasure Map : First, you must complete the "Gunslinger Stranger" quest early appears in Valentine. Once you have that, look at the pictures from this quest in your inventory. The back of one of them will take you to Cairn Lake. [194559009]  Red Dead Cairn Lake Go Here you will find a cabin and your first real tip. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Distribute the guy in front of the hut, enter and you will find the first clue in this castle. [19659003]   Red Cabin Get the locker in this cabin on Cairn Lake. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

The clue leads you to Face Rock north of Rhodes. [194559009]  Red Dead Face Rock The next clue leads you to Face Rock. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Approach this suspicious tree stump, and you'll find clue number 2. [194559009]  Red Dead Face Tree Find the clue in this very suspicious tree stump. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

The next part of the quest takes you to this snake-like figure near Van Horn's trading post. [194559009]  Red Dead 2 Serpent Go to this snake-like location on the next map. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes

There is another clue in the snake's eye. [194559009]  Red Dead Snake Eye There's another clue in the eye of the snake. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

The last clue leads to the Elysian Pool, just before it taps to the river. [194559009]  Red Dead Elisyan swimming pool Elysian The pool is the place where you can find the treasure. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Go by the Waterfall

 Red Dead Elisyan Waterfall Go Through this waterfall you reach the treasure cave. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Grab a lantern, navigate the cave, drop yourself and look for that notch on the right. [194559009]  Red Dead Elisyan Right Opening Look for this opening on the right to get closer to your goal. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Once you get out the other side, go right. Go straight through the narrow tunnel and turn left leading you to an edge where you can jump. [194559009]  Red Dead Elisyanischer Sprung Jump down from here and follow the path to the treasure. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Follow the tunnel and you'll find a treasure in this rock. The quickest way from here is to kill you. Sell ​​the treasure to a fence and profit. [194559009]  Red Dead Elisyan Schatzschatz Climb up and get the treasure from this rock. Rockstar Games / Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

4) Horses : High-ranking horses set in the Red Dead universe. Apart from that, it is very important to look for a suitable shire or racehorse that can be sold in a nearby stable. Unfortunately, you have to spend money to earn money, because the best horses in the game are bought in the stables in Saint Denis, Blackwater and other important locations.

From this we have a great horse guide telling you how to make the most of a wild horse. Provided you have not stolen the animal from someone else, it will receive a solid coin.

5) Selling Carriages : In addition to selling horses, you can also sell carriages to the trapper. The moral laws applicable to animals do not apply to vehicles, which means that you can steal something when in danger. No matter what you offer, the trapper is a game for it.

Even if you find a good carriage, make sure you plunder it before you sell it back. You can use the jewelry to sell it to a store or to upgrade your stock.

6) Sell Animal Fur : If you're in love with Red Dead 's deep hunting system, it's a great avenue to make money. Simply shoot creatures, collect your furs, feathers or skins and sell them to a butcher, trapper or shopkeeper. If you have the ability to track down Perfect and Legendary Pelts, you will get a nice return.

Feel free to read our Trapper and Legendary Bear Fur Guides to get started with this part of the game. The general rule is that the best furs have the fewest bullet holes and are sold quickly.

7) Gamble at the Bar : If you feel like it, gambling is also a fun way to earn money. Red Dead Redemption 2 . Go to a bar or salon and find a table for poker, blackjack, five-finger fillet or dominoes. The first two options require skill, while the latter are more random. Just pick the table that suits your strengths and collect the winnings.

That being said, we suggest this path only after you've devoured many story missions and side missions first.

8) Play as a Good Cowboy : Store prices are lower if you're a good cowboy, and you get the most money for an honest horse. If you survive the campaign without bounty, you will earn more money. If you are already on the opposite path, most bounties will expire over time, as long as you do not expand your rap hand.

It's a bit boring to play nice, but it allows you to save money on other things. Help others and they could help you later.

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