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& # 39; Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; Player bothers in restricted freezing and snow area

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<p>  Earlier this year, one player <em> managed to push Red Dead Redemption 2 </em> from the first game into a restricted area: Mexico, and another player has managed to move to another restricted zone on the opposite side stinging the map: the snow-capped mountains in the north. </p>
<p>  So, what did the player find? Well, not much, but there's a lot to discover: frozen lakes, ice walls (<em> Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; s <em>[1<div class=
9459014)] World confirms to be flat and naturally mountains – there are even goats and other wildlife that can be interacted with.

It has managed to get out of the map – there are whole frozen lakes out of bounds that normally never It is currently being investigated what else is unattainable n could be … from the R / Reddeadredemption

How do you come to these unattainable snow worlds? Well, there seem to be some ways to go, but the most common and reliable route leads across the invisible wall to the west of Barrow Lagoon. Once you have reached the mountain that can not be climbed, build a camp. As soon as you are in the camp, you stand up and you can move freely over the said invisible ridge until you turn into an icicle. Make sure you have the right warm clothes before doing so.

Why is this detailed, textured, etc.? If nobody else can access it, it's not because Rockstar Games intends to do it for DLC. I mean, it could do that. but that is not the point. The point is, developers often do that to make sure they reach the bottom of the map: it's not an empty dark room. This is a common thing and should not be used as fuel for any type of DLC call that expands in this area. That would be pretty cool though.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the time of release, the NULL word of a Nintendo switch port or PC port was present. While the former is very, very unlikely – probably impossible – the latter has leaked out several times, suggesting that it is in the pipeline and may even come soon.

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