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& # 39; SNL & # 39; grabs Kanye West's Trump tweets at & # 39; Quiet Place & # 39; Parody up

It was difficult for West's controversial statements to appeal to characters of Donald Glover and the & # 39; SNL & # 39; Crew interested.

In a parody of the hit horror picture A Quiet Place at the weekend edition of Saturday Night Live a group of friends tried to stay silent to attract no murderous monsters Impeccable hearing, but this task proved difficult when a character from episode host Donald Glover found 19459007 Kanye West's recent tweets about President Donald Trump.

"Kanye just tweeted," said Glover. "He said he voted for Trump." The friends were quiet at first, but then Kenan Thompson shouted, "Oh, come on, Kanye!" and was immediately eaten by the monster.

Cecily Strong's character was puzzled by Chrissy Teigen's friendship with West in the face of this news, and Glover took a photo of her surprising baby shower attended by West. "Guess who was at the baby shower?" Said Glover. "Jesse, Tyler, Ferguson." Strong was eaten by a monster when she responded: "From Modern Family ?!"

Glover then drew West's new single, which was dropped over Trump during his ongoing Twitter campaign. Aidy Bryant's character was too eager to listen and inadvertently hit the game before Glover could plug in his headphones. The monster did not strike immediately, but when Bryant could not stop wondering about the lyrical "Poopity Scoop," she was eaten.

Beck Bennett was caught by the monster when he responded that West said slavery was "a decision ."

She ended up with Glover in the movie's bunker and listened to the new single, watching West TMZ appearance where he made the controversial comments on slavery. The monster came to him too.

It is not the first Quiet Place parody. Also Ellen DeGeneres has recently cursed the monster movie .

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