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& # 39; The Crew 2 & # 39; Beginner's Guide: Win Followers, Rise, Earn New Vehicles

Ubisoft Ivory Tower has released The Crew 2 an online open-world racing game that lets you explore not only land with cars, motorcycles and dirt bikes, but also the air and land Register pulled water in aircraft and speedboats. The range of vehicles and activities may be a bit overwhelming for newcomers or those more familiar with a series like Forza Horizon but with a few tips and tricks, you can quickly become an experienced racer and see your followers count ̵

1; and cash – grow.

Getting Started

Complete Events to Attract Followers

Different from the Original 2014 The Crew The Crew 2 is not hard Written storytelling to bring your character to the "end" to bring the game. Instead, you have to become a famous racing driver by taking part in events and increasing the total number of "followers". Whether you're in a speed race, a motocross event or just looping in your plane for fun, you'll be constantly gaining new followers.

In the beginning you will become a "rookie" and you will only be able to compete with a few different types of vehicles, with your first few unlocked for free as you try the various events. Once you reach Popular, Famous, Star, and Symbol status, you can unlock more types of vehicles and events. It's not hard to hit icon in a few days, but you need to know which events to do.

Use the game's Overball map to scale all the way down and take a look at the entire US – On PlayStation 4, you can quickly pull up the map by pressing the touchpad on your controller. From here, you can choose any symbol on the map to see how many followers you earn for the successful completion and how much money you receive. This will be useful later when you need to buy vehicles to unlock new types of races. From this menu you can also drive directly to an event – without having to drive all the way there!

Raise Vehicles

There is one more number to watch out for. Every vehicle you drive has its own base level, and this number gives you a rough estimate of its performance in races. When you select an event on the map, you will see the current status of your relevant vehicle and what is recommended for the competition. You can race if the number is not quite reached, but you will find it extremely difficult to succeed.

To power your cars, bicycles, boats and planes, you must equip the car with additional car parts called the game "prey". These will drop at the end of a successful race and you can use it to improve your tires, your engine, your suspension and much more. Although they are available in a style similar to role-playing games in different colors – for example, purple is better than green – as long as the number of prey is higher than the number in your current car part, it is worth trading them for [19659007] If you forget to collect the loot you earn, you will find it in the main mailbox of your particular discipline. If you have forgotten what discipline the event was in, the headquarters will have the same color as the symbol of the event on the map.

When you hear a beep and your minimap begins to flash, you are near a bonus "live reward," which includes additional loot. To find it, continue until the beeping becomes more frequent They do not find them often, but they are very handy to raise your level just enough for the next race.

Which events should you finish first?

Especially early, the number of new events you are making However, not all of these are good ways to gain followers, so we suggest focusing on those few specific types to boost your numbers right away.

Road Race – The default mode for most open world racing games, road races in The Crew 2 usually rewards you with around 2,000 new followers and can be completed in minutes f be made ready. Road races are tougher than other events, but practicing them will mean a long way to building your skills. Rally Raids Emmett Brown said, "Where we go, we do not need anything, we do not need roads." Rally raids are off-road races that usually take you through forests, swamps, and other areas that a car should not drive. You have more freedom to choose your path, and you do not usually have to worry about driving tight turns, but the follower reward is about the same as a road race. Motocross – Motocross Events There are still races, but you will be riding a dirt bike over a circuit with huge jumps and tight turns. Despite the dangerous façade, they are actually very light events, and you can customize your course much easier than in a car, boat or plane.

Aerobatics – Flying an airplane sounds daunting, but The Crew 2 makes it easy. In aerobatic events, you usually have to do certain tricks like rolling or loops to earn points. These are pretty simple and can be completed very quickly, and once the time runs out, you can usually continue to do tricks to gain more followers.

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