Elisabeth Moss, Madeline Brewer and Max Minghella from "The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale" reveal the moments on the set where they were shaken. (3rd of July)

Under the eyes of social media?

A wedding photo of a couple inspired by "The Handmaid's Tale", featuring a bride and groom next to "handmaids" in red robes and white caps and in front of The Pinboard featured in the Hulu television series become viral.

"Praise, Kendra & Torsten are married!" The Wednesday Post by Van Daele & Russell Photography reads. "If there's" The Handmaid's Tale "fans, you know most of it is filmed in Cambridge, so as fans of the show, it seemed only fitting that some handmaids on the wedding photos of K & T can be seen. " hanging wall "in Mill Race Park!" The TV series is based on the eponymous novel by Margaret Atwood.

The photographers are a gay couple, Shawn Van Daele and Russell Clint.

Hundreds of comments have gone into the post.

"I have never seen anyone in my life who is so incredibly dense that he missed such a big point." One user wrote. Another wrote: "Wow, that is deeply disturbing." Praise be "seriously? I love the show, but this photo is really kotztauglich."

However, some comments were positive. "I'm obsessed with this show (and this book) so cool!" one wrote. Another said, "Love this! Amazing shot."

Van Daele and Russell have long posted answers to some of the negative comments and shared a statement with USA TODAY.

"It is sad that everyone reacts exactly as expected – just like in Gilead – and misses the opportunity to think for themselves, to educate themselves, to become committed activists, rather than just feeling warriors," said the photographers partially . "We'd like to see people on the street taking part in marches and working for the equality of all, regardless of their sexual orientation and so many other important reasons … instead of sitting here and scrolling through Instagram and commenting on You're all right – it's crude, disgusting, and a horrible concept that is becoming "more real" day by day and from comment to comment. "

" So many comments here are just "this is disgusting" – but no explanation why, "added the photographers." WHY exactly are you offended? Do you know that? Did you ask yourself? And … what are you actively doing in REAL WORLD? We are glad that this is a conversation, especially among so many people in relationships, about being married or actually being married, as the visually objectionable thing here seems to be a happy couple in the midst of the oppressed. Ironic.

Yes, a sequel: Continuation to "The Handmaid's Tale," Margaret Atwood's "The Testaments," worth the wait

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