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4 Chicago police firing on statements they made after another police officer shot dead Laquan McDonald

Four Chicago police officers were released on Thursday for false or misleading statements made by another official in 2014 following the assassination of Laquan McDonald. The police department of the city made the decision.

The officer who killed McDonald, Jason Van Dyke, was found guilty of second-degree murder and 16 heavy battery charges when he killed 17-year-old McDonald in prison for six years and nine months.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson had Sgt. Stephen Franko and officers Ricardo Viramontes, Janet Mondragon and Daphne Sebastian dismissed for violating the Code of Conduct following the Board's decision released Thursday.

Franko was the first on-site supervisor to shoot in October 201

4. Approved reports that "contained several detectable and well-known lies," including that Van Dyke was injured by the 17-year-old who wore a knife wrote the police department in the decision.

The other three officers, all of whom were on stage, gave testimony about the shooting, and the board noted that "each of the three officers failed in their duty – either by direct lie or by shading the truth. "

These statements were critical because they were used by investigators to determine whether the shooting of McDonald was justified and whether an offense was committed, the Chamber wrote.

"Their behavior is contrary to what is expected and required of an affidavit The police officer who at any time wrote to the police department in the decision published on Thursday.

An e-mail to the president of the police union , the fraternal police commission Chicago Lodge 7, was not immediately returned on Thursday night.

A fraternal police officer protested at the meeting, saying the decision to dismiss the officials would lead to more violence in the city and against the police, as officials fear that they could only be fired for answering a job, NBC reported to Chicago.

"These four people are unfortunately being fired for the deed or non-action of others," said another FOP official, Patrick Murray, according to the station, "These policemen have done their work."

None of the four from the police Zeipräsidium has been charged with criminal charges, but they were deprived of police powers, according to the Associated Press.] The teenager's death sparked protests in Chicago. The then police commissioner, Garry McCarthy, was fired by the mayor in 2015, a week after the police's dash cam video about the deadly encounter was released.

Van Dyke and other officials responded to reports that McDonald had a knife and burglary in cars in the southwest side of the city.

The shot-cam footage of the shooting, released a year later, showed McDonald moving away from the officers when Van Dyke opened the fire and continued firing at the teenager, even while he was on the scene Ground. Van Dyke testified at his trial that he feared for his life.

The police department said in its decision on Thursday that Franko had the opportunity to watch the dash cam video in the hours after the incident, but acknowledged that he was watching "bits" and parts of "the video, he has not looking at the entire video, even though he was assigned to review the officers' reports.

The board noted that Franko did not watch the entire video, "unbelievable."

There were shootings, and possibly Sergeant Franko spent hours providing crucial evidence of what had happened.

Viramontes told a detective that he had seen McDonald move on and try to get up off the floor with the knife in his hand after he was shot This video evidence showed that this was wrong.

Former Chicago policeman Jason Van Dyke, left, appears for a hearing in the Leighton Building of the Criminal Court fs, in Chicago, December 14, 2018 Antonio Perez / AP File

The police department said that Mondragon did not seem to be truthful when she told the investigators that she was putting her vehicle in the park and after Looking down and down I did not see the shootout when video evidence showed the car was in motion for the first four seconds of the shootout.

The board said Sebastian had told a detective that McDonald had ignored the orders of Van Dyke and another officer to drop the knife and that McDonald kept waving his knife and McDonald was moving on the ground after he had been shot. The board did not realize that she had made false statements and said that her report had for the most part a semblance of what had happened.

"However, she made no specific statement about the timing of these events and did not mention the critical fact that Mr. McDonald left the police at the time he was shot," the agency wrote.

The police department found that none of the officers were responsible for the lethal shooting, but said they needed to be released

The four police officers can challenge their dismissals by filing a lawsuit with the Cook County Court Chicago Tribune.

Three Other Policemen Persons charged with criminal charges and plotting to protect Van Dyke were acquitted in January by a judge in Cook County Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News. Associated Press contributed.
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