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4 Software Solutions Revolutionising Business Operations in 2019

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In 2019 there are so many software solutions on the market, which can make it an intimidating task to work out which one is going to provide the best benefit to your business. There are apps, programs, devices and so much more to choose from that you will often end up having choice paralysis. If you’re finding it all too hard to work out what options are the best in 2019, then consider these 4 software solutions that have been proven to not just improve, but revolutionise business operations.


When it comes to enhancing your business operations, there are few better ways to streamline productivity than through overhauling your rostering and scheduling through Deputy rota software. Scheduling apps make it possible to track business data and create rosters and schedules that are optimised to business needs, as well as staff preferences. These types of software solutions can not only help remove waste, but they can lower liability in your business operations as well. With employee tracking capabilities, you can audit arrival and departure times as well as the location where employees clock in and out. This type of innovation will help improve tardiness and improve the accuracy of payments to employees. Scheduling software solutions can help create real change in your business today.

Team management

Revolutionising your business is as much about the people as it is the tools you use. Helping to create a collaborative environment with the assistance of software solutions can revolutionise your business. Project management or team management platforms help create visibility over tasks, key deliverables and areas that need focus. Workflow solutions are a great way to create clear accountability and deadlines over tasks. These solutions mean all team members know what is expected of them, what their colleagues are working on and any areas where help is needed. This kind of collaboration helps drive productivity and output from your business as a whole.


Managing clients and ensuring that payments are received on time can be a challenge for a lot of businesses. A great way to turn this process on its head is to implement a software solution for your invoicing or accounting function. Invoicing software solutions make tracking, managing and sending invoices much easier. With easy to use functionality and the ability to set up pre-determined categories of work, you can create real efficiency in your invoice generation and management. Clients will appreciate the promptness to invoicing and the clear presentation of work completed.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Managing client communications and marketing communications can be tough without the right software solution. Managing the sales funnel and hitting clients with the right communications at the right time is one of the best ways to revolutionise your business operations in 2019. A CRM solution helps manage interactions, communications and preferences with all of your clients.

 Listening to your clients and helping to create personalised interactions can improve your acquisition, conversion and retention rates in a short amount of time. Depending on your business, you can opt for a simple solution or opt for a CRM software solution with all the bells and whistles of artificial intelligence and machine learning. No matter what option you choose, using a software solution to manage your client relationships will revolutionise your operations.

 Software is a great enabler of change in any business. Solutions that can create accountability, efficiency and great collaboration both internal and external to your business can only bring positive outcomes. If you are looking for the right software solution to revolutionise your business operations in 2019, then consider these four leading software innovations.