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Four teenagers were charged with hate crimes for an attack on a London bus that injured two LGBT women in May.

Melania Geymonat said she and her girlfriend, identified only as Chris, were hospitalized for facial injuries after being attacked on a double-decker bus in Camden, London.

Four men between the ages of 15 and 17 Geymonat was charged with aggravating hate crimes and is scheduled to appear in the Highbury Corner Youth Court on August 21, police said Thursday.

Geymonat explained the attack on Facebook and shared a gruesome photo that quickly became viral. She said she and Chris had been called by a group of four men after they entered the upper deck of the bus.

"A disgusting misogynist assault": Four men were arrested in the attack on two LGBT women who refused to kiss on the London bus

"They started behaving like hooligans and demanding that we kiss so they can watch us call us "lesbians" and describe sexual positions, "wrote Geymonat in a statement on Facebook.

To appease the men and "calm things down," Geymonat said she started joking with them. They are the only passengers on the bus, but it is not clear who took the picture.

However, the men who allegedly threw coins at them soon began to attack Geymont's girlfriend.

Kiss! Kiss! The London Bus Attack began in a manner familiar to many LGBTQ women.

"I went there immediately and tried to pull them out there and they started beating me," she told the BBC.

"This was a disgusting, misogynist attack," wrote Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in a tweet . "Hate crimes against the LGBT + community are not tolerated in London."

According to a February British government poll, two-thirds of LGBT people in the UK are afraid of public affirmations for fear of "a negative reaction from others."

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