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43-year-old woman addicted to tanning discovered pimple on her nose is skin cancer

A 43-year-old woman discovered that a pimple on the right side of the nose was skin cancer after it exploded and bled for three weeks. After the cancer was removed, the woman remained a small hole the size of a penny on her nose. ( Hans Braxmeier | pixabay )

A mother of two was shocked to learn that a small pimple on the side of her nose turned out to be a skin cancer. The woman allegedly tanned to the point where her skin was burned went to the doctor after the pimple "exploded" and did not stop bleeding.

A Woman's Bad Nightmare

Janet Lujan first noticed a pimple in the summer of 201

7 and initially dismissed the pimple and thought it was harmless. Her husband, Ray, who is a firefighter, suggested she should investigate the blemish, but Janet did not want to look like a jerk in front of doctors. Janet discovered the pimple was injured, but guessed that he would disappear within a few days.

Two days later, the pimple burned on its own and started to bleed, but Janet still did not believe she had skin cancer. Janet went to the doctors and the bleeding lasted for three weeks, where she was informed that she had basal cell carcinoma (BCC), which is a form of slow-growing skin cancer. BCC is a common form of skin cancer and does not spread to other parts of the body.

BCC, which usually begins as a scab or stain, may become larger if left untreated, but it can be successfully treated and removed [19659003] Janet's Humiliation

Janet, a radio host from Moore, Oklahoma, became 2017 operated on before Christmas and had to be treated for seven months. Although she had no chemotherapy or radiation therapy, Janet had a small hole in her nose. The 43-year-old opted for a reconstructive surgery where she had to rebuild her nose by pulling a flap of skin from her forehead and attaching it to the right side of her nose.

Janet described the process as grueling, although she was reassured by the surgeons that her skin would look better. After six months, the native Oklahoma praised the surgeons for their work on the nose. Janet is also cancer free but has admitted that she is still addicted to suntan.

"It's important to be safe in the sun, because this is a process that, even if you're lucky, in time, like me, is still six to seven months of stress and worry." I still miss that Tans and feel a little jealous when people say they are going to the lake or the park to lie in the sun, "Janet explained.

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