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49ers Draft History rewind: 2014

Every year at Design Time we look at the ghosts of earlier designs with the San Francisco 49ers reflecting the players assigned to the design. Luckily, thanks to the YouTube poster and 49ers fan Marvin49 we have a video of every draft. We will be watching each year until 2018. Today is 2014 .

12 picks. In 2014, the San Francisco 49ers had 12 allegations to play with the draft. They ended up using them all. No turning and acting for trade ups. The 49ers made 12 picks. If this is not a design, I do not know what is. Today, only one of these choices remains in the team.

After a brutal NFC championship loss, the 49ers had to be rebuilt with a similar blueprint from the previous year. Since this blueprint was a decent roster, they could do what they wanted with their needs. This design showed brilliance in the brilliance of the game in this class, but with the exception of Jimmie Ward and Carlos Hyde, most of these picks were on the sidelines, whether through injury, bad play, or both.

For their first choice, the 49ers opt for the safety of Jimmie Ward in northern Illinois. A walking highlight role of a Ballhawks, which was also considered as range. The plan (speculation) was to put Ward in a corner where he could use speed and play. That's exactly what happened. Ward's rookie season was promising, but there were times when he was burned by larger receivers when he was introduced to the NFL game. His injuries did not help either. Ward's entire career would be defined by his ability to go to the IR to finish only one season in his career and not start a full 16 games at that time.

In the second round, the 49ers had led the heirs to Frank Gore in Ohio with Carlos Hyde. Hyde was considered by some to be the best runner in this year's class and quickly joined Gore in training camp support. Hyde was later not signed again when his contract ended, and eventually became a victim of the wrong places at the wrong time. He went to the Cleveland Browns in 2018, but they had a turnaround and traded him to the Jacksonville Jaguars mid-season. The Jaguars fired him at the end of the season and Hyde is now back at the Kansas City Chiefs. This could be the perfect system for his abilities. Hyde was never bad at the 49ers, but lacked the patience and vision Gore had.

There was some predictability in the third round. Linebacker Chris Borland was the brilliant third round choice. Despite a well-received rookie performance, Borland unfortunately retired after only one season for fear of a head trauma. The other 3rd round picks? Center Marcus Martin was considered a steal at Pick 70, but could not put together everything on the next level. The guard Brandon Thomas was not much better. Thomas was perceived as someone who could be a solid guardian in the NFL and was an early runner-up in the second round. In the third round he went with Pick 100 to the 49ers. Why the slide? An ACL injury, of course.

Bruce Ellington was drafted in the fourth round, a car from South Carolina. He saw more for his college basketball career (they even show videos of it during his drafting highlights), Ellington would be injured during his time in San Francisco. In the fifth round, Aaron Lynch looked like an absolute theft in his freshman year in San Francisco, but did not seem to consistently reach the next level in the following years.

12 picks. With the exception of Jimmie Ward, all these picks are no longer in the 49s. Ward was almost out of the 49 for 2019 as well, but he signed a contract for a year to return to the team. It's a good signing, but a backup plan is required because Ward's injuries are no longer an "if" but a "when."

As usual, the DMCA biscuits have this item in some regions if you want. If you want to watch the video, click on the link to go directly to YouTube. Or, click here to view the analysis of the design.

Pick Breakdown:

Round 1 – Pick 30 – Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois
Round 2 – Pick 57 – Carlos Hyde, RB, State of Ohio
Round 3 – Pick 70 – Marcus Martin , C, USC
Round 3 – Pick 77 – Chris Borland, LB, Wisconsin
Round 3 – Pick 100 – Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson
Round 4 – Pick 106 – Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina
Round 4 – Pick 129 – Dontae Johnson, CB, State of North Carolina
Round 5 – Pick 150 – Aaron Lynch, DE, South Florida
Round 5 – Pick 170 – Keith Reaser, DB, Florida, Florida
Round 6 – Range 180 – Kenneth Acker, DB, Southern Methodist
Round 7 – Pick 243 – Kaleb Ramsey, DT, Boston College
Round 7 – Pick 245 – Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma

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