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5 Best App Stores for Android and other options too!

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Let's look at the facts. We all live under the safe, warm umbrella of the Play Store. There is a good reason for that. It has the most apps, extremely good security (comparatively speaking), is preinstalled on most Android devices and usually works well. Most people know that there are other options, but there is not much information about other app stores. We can help with that. There are a lot of other options out there. However, there are few good options. Here are the best app stores for Android devices! This is also a good list for users who have Android devices that do not have Google Play services installed.

Okay, APKMirror is not an App Store but an App Repository. You'll find everything here, including beta apps that are not available in the Play Store. However, you can still receive updates from the Play Store when a newer version is released. This is an excellent secondary source for apps and some games. This is definitely not a complete store experience, and we really only recommend it if you want to try something special or search for an older APK of an existing app, so you can fall back on a previous version due to errors or presets. The website is free, all APKs are free and also the decent security. We've extended the importance of an app store a lot to include APKMirror, but it's great at what it does. There is no app for this, you must use the website to download APKs.


F-Droid is one of the older app stores on the list and one of the most trusted. The store experience is primarily focused on productivity and power user articles. We're talking about apps like a browser with Arch Linux package browsers. There are some basic apps like Simple Gallery or Simple Calendar and a very small selection of games. On the whole, however, this is an App Store for people who need something more than is not available in the Play Store. F-Droid is open source and every app on the platform is open source. You can even find alternatives to F-Droid on F-Droid. This is a nice little app store.


It's a pity that Galaxy Apps is only available on Samsung devices because it is actually quite competent. The selection is obviously smaller than the Play Store and probably a bit smaller than the Amazon Appstore. However, it has a clean user interface and easy navigation. In fact, there are some popular apps and games, including Microsoft, Netflix, Hulu, Fortnite, Brawl Stars and others. It's not an end-all-be-all-thing, but those with Samsung devices already have a decent secondary app store on their devices besides Google Play.

  Samsung Galaxy Apps


There are many other app stores on the Internet. Some of them are pretty good and some of them are just somehow useful. Many of them are listed for the sake of completeness. Let's go:

  • ACMarket ACMarket is a surprisingly good-looking app store. It is in many ways reminiscent of Google Play and includes some popular apps and games. It also supports modified APKs and other such things. Be careful because some of these things can be suspicious.
  • Aptoide – Aptoide has always been there and is one of Google Play's oldest competitors. His original charm was to support the types of apps that Google Play does not support, such as NSFW content. However, there are also some popular stuff like Nova Launcher, PUBG Mobile and others.
  • Getjar – Getjar is a kind of Wild West app stores for Android. You can find all sorts of ridiculous things here, including adult content, modified APKs, and some popular things like UC Browser. Occur lightly, this place always gives us the heebie jeebies.
  • Opera App Store – We'll be honest, we did not know that Opera had a mobile store until we started researching. There are many opportunities. However, all of these options are set to the Google Play Store by default. It's a good secondary way to search Google Play apps, but we would not necessarily call it your own apps.
  • SlideMe – SlideMe is another older app store that is similar to Aptoide and Getjar. The website does not trust, but the shop itself works fine. There you can find things like OfficeSuite or WPS Office along with other similar productivity applications. The game selection is very weak.
  • XDA Developers – There are many developers who use XDA Developers as a kind of testing ground for apps that usually end up on Google Play. Here you only get root apps like Xposed or Viper4Android. A few of our best apps from 2018 have been created here.

[19659034] If we missed your favorite App Store, let us know in the comments below. You can also browse all app lists by clicking here!

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