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5 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Travel Loving Friends

We all have a friend who’s always travelling. Or at least talking about where they are travelling next.

Well, this post is about those friends.

Here, you will read about five birthday gift ideas that your travel-loving friends will adore for their lives.

So, buckle up and read on.

1. An Instant Print Camera or Portable Smartphone Printer

Most travel lovers like clicking pictures.

Take any travel blogger, for example. Their social media is full of aesthetic snapshots. This clearly indicates that an instant print camera will significantly add to any traveller’s arsenal.

So, if your friend loves to travel and likes clicking pictures as well, they’re going to love this present.

Also, if your friend has a great smartphone camera, they may prefer their smartphone over this camera for clicking pictures. But don’t worry. In that case, you can gift them a portable smartphone printer that works just like the instant print camera, but fetches pictures from the smartphone.

Sounds cool, right? 

2. Portable Cocktail Mixing Kit

One thing to keep in mind while buying a gift for a traveller— portable sizes are the best sizes.

Keeping the same in mind, a portable cocktail mixing kit enables travellers to enjoy their favourite cocktails when in flight, without buying first-class tickets.

All it requires is a splash of booze, and their in-flight drink will be instantly upgraded.

You see the smile on your friend’s face? Well, that’s them thanking you for this beautiful present.

3. Simple Utilities (Magnetic Compass, Feature Phone)

Sadly, not all travellers believe in carrying a magnetic compass.

But, while travelling through the wild areas with no coverage, such devices always come in handy. So, if you want to give your friend something super-useful, a beautiful magnetic compass can do the job for you.

Apart from this, you can also consider getting them a simple feature phone that doesn’t lose coverage even on high altitudes or in places where smartphones fail.

4. Tactical Gears/Wearables

If your friend loves the wild, they’ll surely appreciate a pair of tactical boots, or tactical pants, or a tactical belt or even 5.11 tactical shirts.

The thing about tactical gears is that they are made for the wild. Designed to provide superior comfort. And built-in a way that enables them to withstand harsh conditions.

Take tactical belts, for example.

There’s a number of manufacturers that offer tactical belts which can be instantly converted into tie-down or a carry strap.

Moving further, you can also consider buying a tactical pen for your friend as these pens make great survival tools and serve several purposes.

5. Loss Prevention/Item Finder Kit

Losing belongings while travelling is one of the worst nightmares that daunts every globetrotter. But then, it happens, and that’s when we regret not using a tracking device.

Well, save your beloved friend the guilt. Gift them a loss prevention/item finder kit and blow this worry away for them.

These kits include a smartphone interface/application coupled with hardware that can be attached to the bag. The interface can track the hardware’s location on demand and thus helps find items, if and when lost.

Finally, your friend won’t have to be stressed or worried and spoil their trip due to a lost bag.

Final words

Choosing the right gift for your travel enthusiast buddy can often get tricky. That’s when you can use some guidance.

And with this post, we tried offering the same.

Here, you went through a list of five birthday gift ideas for your travel addicted friend(s).

Hopefully, this was helpful.