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5 food stalls from the preseason opening of the Patriots win the Lions


Five drawbacks to the Patriots in the preseason, a solid 31-3 against the Lions, suggesting that the team of Bill Belichick has made the most of the first two weeks of training …

JAKOBI MEYERS SHINES [19659002] According to most accounts, the patriot training camp was generally an exercise dominated by the defense. Nevertheless, the naughty novice Jakobi Meyers managed to cause a stir among the reception corps. And his appearance in the first show of the Pats should only increase the excitement over what he has done in practice.

North Carolina's 6-foot-2 product ended with six catches for 69 yards and two touchdowns and was as impressive as these numbers are for a pro-debut, the kind of production was probably even more encouraging.

His first two catches were both refined in heavy traffic, the second came to the end zone after being arrested while he came out of his cut. Despite the contact, he fought his way through and stretched out his arms to play Brian Hoyer's throw.

His other touchdown came from Jarrett Stidham on the next drive as he shook his mark on the line, creating space and then sprinting over the gate line and caught a short pass in step. There he showed speed in a confined space, then he went over the middle of the field before the end of the half to catch the field. He then opened the second half with a well-executed drag route that ended with the ball in his hands on the left sideline.

His routes and receptions were varied, and there was absolutely no evidence to confirm the combine data, suggesting that he was the second slowest recipient in this year's draft. After this evaluation process, the League's own tracking system judged him to be a 50-50 shot to create an NFL list.

After Thursday, the question does not seem to be whether he belongs in the league ̵

1; but whether he wins a prominent role in the reigning champions of the league.


While Meyers never heard his name on draft weekend, N & # 39; Keal Harry heard his name on the opening night of the celebrations. The Patriots made him the first choice. So far, Harry has supposedly looked more like a project, but he has produced some tantalizing abilities in his first incline before the season – at least until he's gone with an obvious leg injury, Third and 10, and the rookie runs perfectly. Harry worked outside to the left of the quarterback, walked hard on the corner, broke off his route 12 yards, used his arms to lose cover, and then went horizontal, hands outstretched, to push the ball Hoyer had fired. It was a crisp exhibition of its size and strength.

The next time Harry went to him, Harry was left-facing. This time, the quarterback threw a pass on Harry's back shoulder and even with a defender above him he could catch up with the pass. Again, the strength of his hands, as well as his size, showed with a wingspan of 1.80 m, which was just too big for the defender.

After catching, he slipped the ball around for a while and picked up 25 yards before being thrown down. When he fell, there was no whistle at first – so Harry got up and ran a few yards away, causing a Detroit defender to attack him again. When he got to his feet, it limped slightly, and although he joined the fray again, he was pulled off the field before the next game and did not return.

He went out of his own power, but it's about something that Harry also finished one of the joint exercises this week with a seemingly similar problem. At least it's something to watch over – though it could be something that would cost the beginner precious time to familiarize themselves with an offense that might need it.


After one week this week of spending so much time and words on the future of the starting quarterback, Tom Brady's backups took a back seat. And both were excellent. [3359004] The 33-year-old Hoyer looked like a man with a college experience playing in the JV game and commanding the offense to control the game and score 12 on two of his three series -14 on his throws ,

Hoyer's job is considered by most to be safe, but he acted as if he had something to prove – and based on the way Stidham appeared after the dive, it may be reasonable for Hoyer to become attached feel some pressure. Stidham finished the 24/24 race with 179 yards and a score, but the quarterfinalist looked even better than a rating of 95.7 would suggest.

There were some missed litters that he would like to have back. but he looked comfortable from start to finish. Physically, he escaped, if necessary, he navigated through the bag and threw the ball under pressure very well. On the mental side, he handled the two-minute drill efficiently before half-time and ordered the crowd so effectively that the music box never presented a problem, and he never looked lost when he looked at the other side of the crowd.

] Of course, what Stidham saw in Lions' Lions week 1 pre-season is not as if he sees it as a defense that has prepared and installed a game plan to destroy it during a regular season's contest. Hoyer knows what that's like, so his job as the primary backup of the Pats is probably safe. However, if this turns out to be a true starting point for Stidham and he can build from here, it could, at least for the coaches, lead to interesting discussions when deciding who will be active on the matchday – if not in the squad.


The Lions ended the game with 93 meters of attack, 51 of which occurred in their last legitimate series. In the first half, they had a series of series that produced four, seven, five, seven, and thirteen yards, possibly due not only to Detroit's lack of urgency but, doubtlessly, to Detroit to a significant extent, the dominance of New England's defensive front ,

The Patriots ended the fight with nine sacks, of which the Lions, mind you, fell back only 26 times – a meaningful quantification of how much their defenders and linebackers had their way. The tone was set early as several players posing as part of the Pats, when the games are considered real, simply overpowered Detroit's weak counterattack. Jamie Collins and Ju'Whaun Bentley registered sacks of sequential snaps. Danny Shelton tore down Tom Savage after he had the bag folded out of the middle. John Simon interfered as a tackler and then made a terrific interception in a jumping game on the line. Adam Butler got a push as part of the first team repeatedly, Derek Rivers had two sacks, and rookie Chase Winovich had 1.5.

It was a terrific first step for a rebuilt defensive coaching staff, including former linebacker Jerod Mayo – and a reminder that the top seven of the patriots, talented as they may be, can also play.


One thing that was always interesting in the preseason is just who played, who was not, and when certain players were used. Sometimes it can be an indication of their duty status – but sometimes, like a year ago with Jason McCourty, it does not matter much.
Nick Brossette wore the ball 22 times, but Brandon Bolden 12 not. The Pats' other running backs (including rookie Damien Harris) had dropped the ball.

At the reception, Maurice Harris made a fantastic one-hand catch for a touchdown and played in the second half. Dontrelle Inman was not really visible until the second half, but after a break he made a third descent, nearly scored a touchdown on a slope, and appeared as a blocker in the game. Short finish Matt LaCosse also flashed in the passing game but limped away the night before the end of the first half.

Dan Skipper started in the offensive with the left tackle, where he was intermittently with Brady's turn during the camp behind the middle – although the rest of the suspected starters in this group did not see the field. Isaiah Wynn is not.

On the other hand, Duron Harmon (whose role declined as the year progressed) began with safety. JC Jackson also started in the second round when he occupied an outside corner, while Joejuan Williams started from the second round on the other side. Williams put in a nose to fight a few duels near the line, but also a stupid penalty for the late goal. Collins, Bentley, Butler and Shelton were also among the more notable starters.

In the kick game rookie Jake Bailey handled kick-offs and got the first crack at the jump-off. Ryan Allen took over in the second half and retained his role as owner of Stephen Gostkowski (who missed one of his two field goal attempts). Braxton Berrios and Gunner Olszewski shared the return obligations for Detroit's seven penalty points.

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