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5 Outdoor Activities That Will Help You Stay in Shape

They say you are what you eat. But sometimes we have this “cheat day” where we let ourselves get lost with the delicious flavors of the not-so-healthy foods. And then back to the reality of burning those gained calories the next day. But who says you can’t have fun while staying in shape?
If you are tired of the floor to ceiling glass walls and gross locker rooms at the gym, then better grab your water from your favorite water bottles supplier try these 5 outdoor activities where you can have still workout while having fun.
If you are looking for a low-impact yet effective ways to stretch your muscles and joints, then biking is the thing for you. You can ride your bike in going to your office or when doing grocery shopping to burn those calories you got from the delicious box of pizza you ate yesterday.

Many studies were conducted and proves that biking is one of the most effective ways to stay in shape. It also proves to be good for your psychological health as the fresh open air clears up your mind and helps you think through problems. The more calories you will burn especially if you go mountain climbing with a hillier route.

Mountain Climbing
Mountain climbing is an outdoor activity that has rapidly becoming a trend nowadays. Because of this trend, many indoor climbing facilities were built to meet the growing demands. However, it still cannot replace the excitement you feel while doing the activity outdoor.

It stretches several muscles and joints in your body from the neck down to your feet. Loves the feel of your adrenaline rushing in your body? Then get ready with your mountain climbing gears and start planning out your mountain climbing itinerary. You can also join local mountain climbing clubs near you. This is one way to help you learn with the basics of mountain climbing, get helpful tips about it, and to gain new friends as well.

Swimming is an outdoor activity known to improve one’s cardiovascular endurance. This is the reason why physicians recommend this activity to seniors. Aside from improving their heart muscles, it also reduces the symptoms of arthritis. It is also widely used as an aerobic exercise and offers the same benefits similar to hiking and running. It strengthens your abdominal muscles which is a great way to get yourself that six-pack abs. A normal person can burn up to 476 calories for each hour that he swims every day.

Hiking is a simple outdoor activity that most of us often disregard. Because of the busy lifestyle that we are all living, most of the times, we choose to ride on our car or take a cab just to get something done with right away. Little did we know that you can save several bucks of gym subscription if you will just spend time to go hiking.

Aside from enjoying the beauty of your surroundings, hiking also offers a lot of health benefits such as improving your mental health, reducing your risks of getting heart disease, and improving your blood pressure, sugar levels and even bone density. It is also a great way to build muscles in the lower parts of your body and quadriceps. In just 30 minutes of hiking, you could burn up to 200 calories.

If you love water and like to build muscles in the upper parts of your body, then kayaking is the right sport for you. You can just float on the water on your kayak and just admire the wonders of nature and let it calm your mind. Or you could bring out the alpha male in you and join a kayaking competition along with your kayaking buddies.
Though it doesn’t tone your abdominal muscles just as much as the other sports, kayaking is still a great way to lose unwanted pounds while having fun. For every 30 minutes of kayaking, you could burn up to 222 calories. If you are new in this outdoor sport, the are many kayaking clubs that you could join in your area. This is the best place to meet local paddlers, learn more about the sports, and know about the best rivers and creeks for kayaking.
The outdoor sports above will surely burn all those unwanted calories while enjoying a new sport and possibly gain new friends. Just don’t forget to always stay hydrated. Choose water bottles manufacturer that is safe and BPA-free to keep your water clean and safe to drink.