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5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Retirement Income – The Motley Fool

So as a senior, you want to be flush with cash. The goal of increasing retirement income should be a top priority as too many seniors struggle financially in their golden years.

You do not have to be one of them – just follow these five proven ways to increase your income. & # 39; I left after leaving the workplace.

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. 1
Wait for Social Security Benefits

If you wait for social security benefits, your check will be larger. That's because benefits are reduced if you retire before you reach full retirement age, and you increase when you retire afterwards. The benefits increase up to the age of 70 years. Not only can you enrich your own income by waiting, but you can also increase the survivor benefits your spouse receives, if you were the higher earner, and your husband or wife survived you.

Waiting for the use of social insurance is recommended by experts. Note, however, that this is associated with high costs. For years, you're doing away with peak performance, as you'll have to be eligible for benefits at 62 for the first time at 70, the first time you're eligible. But if you live long enough, you will end better. You can calculate how long you have to live to reach breakeven by figuring out how much income you're missing by waiting and sharing the higher monthly income. Or use this chart to decide when it makes sense to seek benefits.

. 2 Moving to a state with more favorable tax rules

There are 37 states where social benefits are not taxed. And some states do not tax a pension income or income that has been withdrawn from a 401 (k) or IRA. If you do not live in one of these states, it may be worth it to move. Any dollar you do not pay in taxes is another dollar in your pocket that you can use for something more fun.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act temporarily limited the amount of paid state and local taxes that may be deducted from federal taxes. A reduction in government taxes is therefore more important than ever. Moving to a state that costs less of your money could reward you with thousands of dollars extra.

. 3 Part-time Retirement

Earning income from a job is obviously a great way to increase your retirement income. But there is a reservation. When you reach retirement age and receive social benefits, your monthly benefit will be cut if you earn too much. You will later receive a credit if you receive reduced benefits because you work, but the reduction in benefits means that you may not increase your household income significantly by receiving a part-time job.

The good news is that after retirement, you can work as much as you want without cutting social benefits. So familiarize yourself with the advice of your old employer or look for a new job for which you are enthusiastic.

. 4 Select a Roth Account for Retirement Credit

You may be able to reduce government taxes by moving to another location, but you still have the state taxes you can face. The federal government taxes part of the social security as soon as your income reaches a certain threshold and taxes are also taxed on traditional 401 (k) and IRAs.

What does not apply, however, are tax deductions from Roth 401 (k) s and Roth IRAs. While many investors prefer their tax credits by investing in a traditional 401 (k) or IRA with pre-tax money, you could increase your retirement income by relying instead on Roth accounts.

Certainly you will not get a tax break if you use your money, which can make it harder to exhaust your accounts. However, this approach can pay off if your money grows tax-free and you take out the money as a senior without leaving it to the federal government.

. 5 Save More Money

The last way to increase your retirement income is the hardest you can achieve. Save more money over the course of your life. The more money you save and the younger you are, the more compound interest contributes to the growth of your next egg.

Increasing your savings by only $ 1,000 a year could increase your retirement account by hundreds of thousands of dollars. A larger account balance means that you can withdraw more money without running out of money. The income from saving is thus higher.

Of course, saving money with extra money is not always easy. But where there is a will, there is a way. Consider a sideline. live on a budget that prioritizes savings; terminate your cable and redirect the money to retirement assets; and stop wasting money on small stuff. Of course, you should also use your employer's 401 (k) matches and try to finance your salary increases or divert salary increases before you get used to a higher paycheck.

Higher retirement income is within range

These steps can help you achieve higher retirement – and there are options for people of all ages. Whether you are already retired and increasing your income by moving to a state with lower taxes or starting your career and increasing your savings, you can take action today to earn a higher income as a retiree.

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