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5 reasons why summer is a great time to save money

You might think that summer is the perfect season to splash some cash and enjoy yourself. With holidays, festivals and warmer weather all on the cards, it can be easy to blow your budget — and research from the Office for National Statistics shows we spend more on everything from food to clothing to petrol in the summer months.

But what if you viewed summer as the right time to save? Here are five reasons why this is the time to put a little extra away for rainier days.

The great outdoors is free

In the wintertime, it’s easy to spend your money on heading to the cinema, hiding from the rain in museums and sitting inside cosy cafes.However, those kinds of activities can really add up, especially if you’ve got little ones to keep entertained too.

Fast forward to the summer however, and you’ll want to spend as little time indoors as possible.For the most part, forests and beaches don’t cost anything to visit, and you’ll get a free boost of Vitamin D too!

You’ll use less energy

If you like staying financially organized and keeping a strict eye on your household budget, you’ll know that it’s energy bills that take up the lion’s share. But summer gives us the opportunity to shave money off these bills and funnel it into a savings account.

But come summer, you can shave money off these bills. When it’s sunny you’ll use far less energy on heating and a little less electric too — who wants to watch TV all day with the light beaming through the windows?

You’ll be able to dry your clothes outside too, saving you needing to power up your tumble dryer.

Your travel costs could be lower

Even if you work nearby, walking or cycling to work is pretty unappealing when it’s freezing cold. In the summer however, stretching your legs can be a great way to get some exercise and save a few extra pennies.

There’s no Christmas to pay for

As much as it’s a time of joy and festivities, Christmas is an expensive event that can leave us in a state of financial recovery for months to come.

With no presents to buy, no cards to write and no novelty jumpers to don, now is the time to start putting some funds away for when Santa does come to visit.

Holidays are cheaper outside of summer

Most of us save our holidays for the summer in order to guarantee ourselves some sun. However, by doing so you’re also paying inflated prices to join much bigger crowds.

Much of southern Europe is still plenty warm enough until well into October. Travelling outside of peak season could offer you a more enjoyable holiday, for a much lower price.

How will you be spending your summer? With these five tips in mind, you could enjoy yourself just as much as everyone else while saving plenty for the colder months too.