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5 snacks from the preseason final defeat of the Patriots at the Giants


Five food stalls from the last preseason of the Patriots, featuring cameos of Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon as part of a defeat of 31-29 New England against the Giants.


Basing decisions on the fourth game of an increasingly irrelevant preseason plan are not the best way to make a list, but in recent years, a player who showed up in the show finals seemed to be the actions of the To influence patriots on the cutdown day. Last year, JC Jackson conducted a few eavesdropping attempts against the Giants. The year before, Jacoby Brissett gave the Colts something to like, and New England sent him to Indianapolis in exchange for Phillip Dorsett.

And this year, the player who profited from this last split to form the club was possibly Demaryius Thomas.

In the middle of the first quarter, Thursday night looked like an audition for the seasoned recipient. After rehabilitating a cunning Achilles in the spring and early summer, a few weeks ago, he'd been somewhat unnerved from the physically infirm list and returned to training. This maneuver meant that the Pats would be forced to make a decision on whether to keep it when the rosters were reduced on the afternoon of August 31

, and eliminate the option of hiding it by restoring it to the extended regular season. This paper transaction indicated that he should earn his place in practice and possibly in the preseason.

With 31 years and a decline in production in the last four seasons, it turned out that Thomas was not a barrier to reach the only team that interested him during his freelance agency. He still is not. But on Thursday night he was pushed into the fight, became the center and responded friendly.

It was not perfect, especially in the case of the fumble he had done when exchanging an end-around. And it was not against the elite competitions, considering he was temporarily covered by a cornerback of the failed AAF. But he looked smooth, caught seven of the eight goals in the first half and made those hits possible with the adjustments expected of an experienced veteran.

There was a subtle slowdown to catch a throw from Jarrett Stidham behind the back of a defender for a 35-yard touchdown. Then there was a change to the scrambling route before landing on the ground for the second time at night.

At least this provided an indication that Thomas still had something left. Is it still the case that Thomas could be cut before the end of Saturday and asked to keep in shape if the Pats need him later (if his contract is no longer guaranteed for the season)? Certainly not. But with his size, skill and experience in Josh McDaniel's system, Thomas is a man who makes sense for the Pats – especially if Thursday was real, and he can still play a bit.


After Stephen Gostkowski and the Patriots had missed a field goal attempt in each of the first three show games, they were on time on Thursday – perhaps to dispel some of the concerns raised by the Ability of beginner Jake Bailey to deal with the owner's role had surfaced.

Bailey had been the one who had hit the ball on each of Gostkowski's two previous mistakes, but the execution was flawless against the Giants. They came closer with a 31-yarder. Then, in front of half, Bill Belichick sent her down for a 51-yarder to second place, instead of trying to improve the field position with 11 seconds in the quarter. The distance did not matter, as Gostkowski practically divided the posts with a lot of leg.
Gostkowski scored 84.4 percent of his field goal attempts last season, having crossed 90 percent in four of his first five seasons with Ryan Allen. Bailey beat Allen in that preseason due to his leg strength for the hunter's job – but given the fact that field surgery can be both mental and physical, Thursday's success could prove to be an important sign of progress.


For the second week in a row, Brian Hoyer did not play a stroke behind center, and with Tom Brady on the sidelines, Stidham played the entire game as quarterback of the Patriots.

rookie plectrum of the fourth round looked like a rookie plectrum of the fourth round. At 18 out of 28, he finished for 225 yards some of the promises that inspired Pats fans at previous shows, highlighted by his first touchdown shot against Thomas and in the lead of 75 and 61 yards. But there were also some rough spots.

After escaping with a few near-misses over the past few weeks, he was hit while throwing and selected for the first time as a pro in the opening quarter. At the next offensive by Scrimmage he and Thomas messed up a handoff and turned the ball again.

He showed good pocket-presence several times and won 47 yards in his first six assault attempts – including a 19-yarder – but there were also times when his decision to run looked like a premature reaction to pressure, and with more spice he might have been able to move in his pocket while he was still looking for a litter.

All in all, this was a strong and encouraging preseason for Stidham, who looked promising as a pro with good athleticism. He belongs to this team. But Hoyer too.


Depending on how the Pats decide to split their lineup and rule out the possibility of a surprise cut among the veterans, there's a chance that the final defensive spot might be reached secondarily Keion Crossen or Duke Dawson come. In this case, Thursday night gave the coaches a lot to consider.

Both players intercepted balls that were not really intended for receivers that covered them, Crossen grabbed him with brisk stride on the sideline and Dawson responded quickly to a deflection.

However, both made light picks in the second half. Crossen could have saved the Pats three points, but he dropped a ball that fell through his arms in the end zone. Dawson undercut a way to stand in front of a phone, though he could not finish the play by squeezing the pigskin.
Crossen made 11 tackles and had five passes in the course of the night, but got caught. When he had burned himself for a touchdown, he looked into the backcourt and seemed to have noticed when he got early with the established receiver Golden Tate joined together. Noteworthy on Dawson's night was that he spent a lot of time with the corner. This is the position he played when the Pats drafted him in the second round of the 2018 draft, though he will probably play it safe if he stays with New England.

Dawson has this versatility on his side. Crossen was represented in special teams last season. After Thursday, the choice between them could simply be what good the Pats employees think is worth more.


The Patriots made some backup offensive linemen trades on Wednesday to bolster these reserve rolls. However, with the upcoming reduction in rosters, Thursday night has only strengthened the notion that the Pats may not have a place for all their talents and will seek to trade those surplus resources.

Dawson could qualify for a former second-round election as one of those players to be dealt with before he can be cut. Another could be Deatrich Wise Jr., who stood quietly in that preseason and was on the pitch deep into the first half on Thursday night. It fits better in a 4-3 front than in the 3-4 optics for which the Pats seem to be ready, and may be the weird man in front. With eight starts and 9.5 sacks in his two seasons, he may have too much value to remain on the open market.

Another that could be available after a run under the Pats championship core is Elandon Roberts. He was a spectator on Thursday while Calvin Munson took the green point as a defensive player and completed a strong show campaign. Roberts is a strong racer, but Munson may offer more speed and more intuition for special teams.

It will also be interesting to see if the Patriots take a step to create a roster for Gunner Olszewski. He has been the punt and kick returner of New England for the last two games, and on Thursday he added a 29-yard reception while playing on the other side of the scrimmage cornerback. (He relinquished Giants' game-deciding touchdown pass in the final game.) This is just the all-rounder type Belichick who survives – but may not be able to fit into the 53 without first clearing some space. [19659030] if (typeof (window.bgmpGdpr)! == & # 39; undefined & # 39; &&! Window.bgmpGdpr.isOptedOut ()) {
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