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5 teams that should act for Rob Gronkowski

The "odds are rising" that the New England Patriots act Rob Gronkowski, according to the Boston Sports Journal. As for the reported pricing, it will get a "first round if the team has it, but more likely a high second and a third".

The problem with Gronkowski is that he does not want to play long term and has a wealth of injuries attached to his resume. If a team is going to act for Gronkowski, they have to consider that they only come one year or two from the superstar end. To find a match requires a team that is ready to take on a championship.

Here's a look at the teams that should make the move:

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a team most people believe is most likely to make a deal, and it could only be the move that raises them to the level of the Eagles. San Francisco was searing at the end of the season when Gronkowski's former (to a certain extent) QB Jimmy Garoppolo took command. If you add Richard Sherman to the young, improving list, you think the 49ers are just a step away. What are you missing? A Playmaker

The problem with this match is that the 49ers choose ninth overall, which is higher than the price for Gronkowski, and San Francisco chooses the 59th selection again. Would the Patriots take the 59th and 70th elections? If so, adding Gronkowski to Garoppolo and the team's success would be much more beneficial than these two tips.

Dallas Cowboys


Do not fool yourself, the cowboys are not far away. In fact they have a well-rounded list from top to bottom. Coach Jason Garrett claims that Dak Prescott needs to "improve", they can do so in a win-win scenario. On the way to trading for Gronkowski they have to include Dez Bryant in the package, whether to New England or to a third team. Bryant never matched Prescott, so much so that he was the second-lowest WR last year. Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Gronkowski are a hell of a threesome with this offensive line.

Gronkowski is all about having fun, something he can not always do under Bill Belichick, if any place wants to make him happy and extend his career in Dallas

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have the easiest way to trade for Gronkowski: Just swap the 23rd overall point. After loading this offseason with Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and Ndamukong Suh, the Rams come as one of the most likely bets to win the Super Bowl LIII. Translation: There is nothing that you can do with the 23rd selection that will have a significant impact. Gronkowski, on the other hand, will.

Considering that the Giants want two first-round picks for Odell Bechamn Jr. (for whom the Rams are interested), if LA Gronkowski can only win for one, then that's the right move [IndianaColts

It's hard to imagine that the Patriots or Colts want to do business together, but if they can both benefit, who says no? The Colts may not be considered contenders, but if Andrew Luck is healthy and has Gronkowski at his disposal – along with improving the squad through the draft – Indianapolis can make noise in the AFC.

Gronkowski is absolutely what Luck needs. Rather than being too ad libitum because no one is ever open, then dismissed or overturned, Luck would have a massive weapon waiting to reinforce it. If the patriots can not earn first-round points, the 36th choice could do that.

Houston Texans

The Texans were on the verge of becoming a real threat to the AFC over Deshaun Watson's devastating injuries. If you can surround your young quarterback with DeAndre Hopkins and Gronkowski, he could quickly become one of the best in the NFL.

Houston needs a TE, has the Bill O & # 39; Brien / Belichick connection (Belichick "loves Billy"), and ha $ 34 million in cap area. But Houston needs to find a way to make this possible without a first or second round this year.

Depending on the market for Gronkowski, Houston may possibly pick a deal including the 68th and 80th pick this year along with a future first-rounder. Have there ever been two better athletes in a team than Rob Gronkowski and J. J. Watt?

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