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5 teams to sell at the close of trading

We tend to discuss the trading deadline for the possibility of competing clubs because, let's face it, we are prisoners of the moment. We want to see possible effects. October pieces change hands.
But look around the game at how big the impact young talents have on us. We want to see possible effects when the characters change hands in October.

But look at the above-average impact young talents have at the major league level, and it's clear that those on the sales side have a tremendous opportunity to do better here in the long run.

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The absence of an unexpected contest entry has its advantages for a Texas team that is thought to have gone beyond skis in June and returned to Earth. As the organization generally needs young assets, the Texas Front Office can and has been looking into the value of both outstanding free agents (assistant Chris Martin, DH Hunter Pence) and those with multi-year control (starters Mike Minor and Lance Lynn), Utilities Danny Santana).

It is no secret that some developments in the initial pitching market have increased the value of Minor and Lynn. Marcus Stroman reduced the stock of controllable starters, but did not satisfy the needs of one of the clear competitors in this market. And the situation of the Indians with Trevor Bauer was hampered by their rise in the AL Central rating and the Bauer Long-Toss program. The Rangers could use the moment on the deadline.


Necessary, obvious disclaimer: After the Mets sold Jason Vargas to the Phillies on Monday, they might not be able to do anything on the sales side, hoping that this would be the case Percent more Stroman helps them compete.

Stroman's aforementioned impact on starter inventory increases the value of Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard in this market. This does not mean that the Mets capitalize on these two markets (while Wheeler is a pending free agent prepared to move, Syndergaard is under arbitration for two more seasons), but the Mets have the ability to replenish a farm The System that was destroyed by Brodie Van Wagenens aggressive actions.

And the closer relationship between Edwin Diaz and Seattle is also an attractive trading chip, despite its downgrade from 2018.

Mets reappear more frequently, however. As with Minor, Lynn, Wheeler and Syndergaard, Matthew Boyd's trading value has probably increased in recent days, and the fact that he is in control longer than anyone else (three years after 2019), Contributes only to the value of the left-hander. From the Tiger's point of view, the best thing is that there is currently no financial or other pressure on Boyd to move so they can only hope to be blinded by the deadline and only be able to strike if the deal makes sense to them , 19659003] It is now a bit more necessary to get closer to Shane Greene, whose value is at a peak and only one year of control after 2019. But because the aid market is so robust, the tigers should be able to get something attractive there.


After the pirates convincingly dropped out of the once-grouped NL Central race, they began the unloading process, and Jordan Lyles went to division rival Brewers on Monday. Surely they will try to move everything that was not made to the point – Francisco Liriano, Corey Dickerson and Melky Cabrera.

But we all know where the true trading value is, and that's with the closer Felipe Vazquez, who's not only crazy good (1.87 ERA, 6.18 strike-to-walk ratio), but crazy affordable (under team control until 2023, with a maximum of $ 10 million per season). And in a market where so many clubs go hungry for help, that's crazy leverage.

The Buccos have reportedly asked for the sun, moon, and stars (and two of the four best views of the Dodgers). what is your right? They may need to break away from this price tag, but they are still in a good position to get a good result on a potentially volatile asset (to be clear, that's no reason for Vazquez, as most reliefs are volatile assets They should go this way.


Similar to the Giants and Mets, the D-backs may call themselves competitors in this unfathomable playoff image of the National League, but Arizona's GM, Mike Hazen, was handsome in his Public statements he was reasonably on the things.

"The belief that a 500cc team will win the World Series," said Hazen to the Republic of Arizona last week – I do not think objectively, that's a position we should stand up for. "

Hazen is right. He is better off taking value from this roster with a view to the future. A Zack-Greinke deal is as complicated as it was back in the days when the D-Backs tried to move it last winter (which is so complicated that it probably will not happen), but everything that was previously written about the starter market , Robbie Ray, who is under control until 2020, though his stuff in the Bullpen may be the best. Speaking of pens: Andrew Chafin has a decent value in a market that is just about helping left-handed people. The D-backs could also try to get Archie Bradley or Greg Holland out of the stable, or David Peralta or Jarrod Dyson out of the field.

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