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5 things to expect after birth

Having a baby or baby is the dream of every woman, unless you see no value in being a mother. It's the most painful thing a woman experiences – the birth. But the pain is what gives the woman added value.

Listed below are some of the things you should expect after birth either by the normal route or by the cesarean section.

. 1 Cramps

You may think that there will be no pain at all after the delivery. However, it is after childbirth that you will experience the worst cramps because the uterus shrinks back to its normal size and causes a lot of abdominal pain.

. 2 Heavy flow

It is after birth, whether normal or CS, that you have heavy periods, which can last up to a month or more. This can be accompanied by huge blood clots that can seem weird. You do not have to be scared as it is normal.

. 3 Emotional Gang-up

Most women experience many emotions after birth, especially when the baby cries for no reason. However, this condition should not be taken lightly if it becomes too serious, a condition called post-pelvic depression. It is recommended to see a doctor.

. 4 Stitching

Most women experience swelling and stinging at normal birth. This usually occurs when there were tears during delivery. This can make peeing a big problem.

. 5 Hair Loss

Hair loss may occur due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and childbirth in some women. In some cases it happens during pregnancy. However women should know that this is temporary and the hair will regrow.

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