Pompeo in Turkey in the midst of a missing journalistic secret

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo will meet with Turkish representatives on Wednesday to discuss the case of a missing Saudi journalist. Turkish officials say they have evidence that US residents and Washington Post staff member Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared two weeks ago while visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, was killed and dismembered at the diplomatic facility. In a tweet on Tuesday, President Donald Trump said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "denied any knowledge". Unsatisfied with the Trump administration's handling of the situation, Congress held its own action last week with an international sanctions bill from 2012 to force the White House to launch a probe into the fate of Khashoggi.

Marijuana now legal in Canada

Canada will become the largest and highest-profile country on Wednesday to legalize marijuana sales, an expert-predicted move will boost pot investment and research. While a majority of US states have adopted a form of legal grass, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, and cannabis entrepreneurs fear the Ministry of Justice might intervene. Canada's national approach means pot companies can use banks, trading stocks and sponsors reviewed medical studies like other pharmaceutical companies


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Powerball jackpot Highlights Day 2 of Lottery Feeling

Even if you did not Win the Mega Millions Jackpot, do not despair: You have another chance to go crazy. The Powerball drawing on Wednesday is estimated to be worth $ 345 million. Take the cash option and the Powerball prize is $ 199 million. The Mega Millions game, which has now risen to an estimated $ 868 million, became the second-biggest jackpot in US lottery history, after no ticket on Tuesday night reached all six numbers. The winning numbers were 3, 45, 49, 61, 69 and Mega Ball 9.

Atlas V rocket launched with Air Force satellites from Cape Canaveral

An almost two-billion-dollar Air Force satellite serving the president Protecting the Supreme Military Commanders, who were linked even during a nuclear dispute, flew out of Cape Canaveral early Wednesday and captured the United Atlas Alliance's strongest Atlas V rocket. The spacecraft, built by Lockheed Martin, will complement the military's most secure satellite communication network with radio frequencies that operate in radiation clouds blocking the signals of most communications satellites. The launch on Wednesday was the eighth this year and the last in 2018 from the Space Coast, with another from California.


A United States Launch Alliance Atlas V missile launches Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the Air Force communications satellite AEFH-4 of Cape Canaveral.
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Searching for Wisconsin Girls whose Parents Are Found Dead

The Wisconsin authorities are still trying to locate a teenage girl whose parents They were murdered in their home early Monday in Barron, about 90 miles east-northeast of Minneapolis. The police fear that Jayme Closs, 13, is in danger after officials were called to the residence by a mysterious emergency call from the house, where "no interaction with the dispatcher" took place when sounds were heard. Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said the authorities have received a number of tips – including one from Miami – to follow and not consider Jayme a suspect in the death of their parents.

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