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5 Things to take into Consideration Before Revamping Your Office Workplace

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The concept of an office refurbishment may sound extremely simple and elementary, but, once you get yourself entangled into the basic working structure of the entire process, things get rather intricate and infuriating as well. As opposed to simply applying a coat of new and refreshing colors to your office walls and calling that “refurbished,” a proper make-over process involves an endless list of things to look out for and incorporate those to ensure you harness the optimum benefit out of your renovation venture.

Instead of simply tweaking the color paints, or moving around some furniture around the office to promote a different look, a proper redesign process involves touching every aspect of your professional workspace that affects the productivity of your employees.

Here are some of the most crucial factors to take into consideration before you can proceed to undertake a proper office refurbishment project if you want to ensure you and your employees acquire the ideal advantage out of the entire enterprise.

  1. Your priority

Obviously, the most significant factor that you would have to take into consideration is to understand where your priority lies. Thousands of institutions approach professional refurbishment agency to help them redecorate their workspace, but every client has specific needs and requirements based on which the entire refurbish procedure depends on. There are endless numbers of ways your office can be redecorated, but the final product will ultimately depend on what type of outcome you are looking to achieve.

The refurbishment process can be used as a simple means to enhance the aesthetic feature of your professional workstation, or you can aim to achieve something much bigger in the form of boosted workplace efficiency. This includes creating a more work-friendly space that encourages the employees to utilize their utmost productive value, as opposed to simply sitting back and admiring the newly revamped office set up.

  1. Employees engagement

Apart from your genuine purpose of undertaking the office refurbishment process, another extremely crucial factor that automatically plays a vital key to ensure the venture does not go wasted is employee engagement. After all, they are the ones who will be affected the most (either positively or otherwise) as a result of your office redesigning scheme. Make sure you involve your employees in deciding which aspects to change, or contribute any micro inputs that can affect the final outcome of the project.

In the majority of the cases, your employees will generally have a clear concept of the type of ideal working environment they require to ensure they do not feel like they are trapped inside a corporate penitentiary. This is rather a logical conclusion as they are the ones that invest the majority of their day toiling away in the office. Involving them before undertaking a redesign venture is the best way to ensure your bulk investment does not go down the drain, but most importantly, it guarantees productive aftermath.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is another extremely basic, yet, one of the most crucial components to take into account when you are on the verge to redesign your office. Effective lighting plays a key role in not only ensuring your workplace stays optimally bright and pleasant. But, more importantly, it also make sure your employees do not have to deal with various eye-straining glitches related to limited lighting in large office enclosures. Amongst the various points of concern for diminishing efficiency of employees in a workplace, ineffective lighting system makes it to the top three lists. Several studies have also been conducted that verifies the analogous result, which further elevates the importance of incorporating an optimistic and perky lighting system in your office.

A case study conducted by the Cornell University in 201

8showed that incorporating a brighter office design by improving the lighting scheme enhances the working efficiency and also decreases various vision-related symptoms such as blurry vision, headache, and eyestrain by nearly 84%. All these symptoms are directly related to diminishing the working efficiency of your employees. Hence, an effective lighting layout in your office (either natural or artificial lighting) is optimally important if you want to ensure your employees harness peak productivity.

  1. Noise-reduction

Most people may remain oblivious to the fact, but, the acoustic nature of the office is one of the key components that employees believe affects their productive working performance. Since most of the conventional office set-ups require a generous span of space, the excessive noise level is a significant matter of concern. In fact, another study conducted by Robert Walters consultancy agency revealed that 29% of professional employees report of inefficient work quality due to the poor acoustic design of the room.

The need for effective office portioning that can actually filter out excessive noise to prevent the employees from getting distracted easily, is, therefore, one of the vital design aspects to consider when refurbishing your workstation.