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5 Things You Should Know for March 26th: Mueller Report, Obamacare, Brexit, Bumper Stocks, Apple

. 1 Müller Report

2. Obamacare

The Trump government is stepping up its efforts to overthrow Obamacare for good. In a dramatic turn, the government now says the entire Affordable Care Act should be put down. Previously, the Department of Justice believed that only parts of the law should be invalidated. A federal judge in Texas declared the entire health bill unconstitutional in December, and now the government says it agrees with this position as the case is being challenged. The President has repeatedly stated that he would protect people with pre-existing conditions – a pillar of Obamacare – but the shift in the Ministry of Justice's attitude is doubling if all the protection laws of the health code are dismissed.

. 3 Brexit

Now the Parliament is in charge. British lawmakers took control of Prime Minister Theresa May's chaotic Brexit process. So tomorrow, legislators could vote on seven different options tomorrow, including a second referendum on keeping the UK in a customs union with the European Union, or even the dreaded no-deal -Brexit to allow. Whatever happens tomorrow could be crucial to how the relationship between the UK and the EU will ultimately look and whether May can stay in power. Britain will leave the EU on 1
2 April.

. 4 Bump Stock Ban

A federal ban on rams begins today, unless a court enters. The Department of Justice issued a ruling prohibiting bumpers in December – facilities that basically allow shooters to fire semi-automatic rifles with a single push on the trigger. Bump holders had 90 days to deliver or destroy them, and this deadline ends today. But some gun rights activists do not go out without a fight. Last night, the Supreme Court received two emergency calls calling for the ban to be lifted. Stock shares were scrutinized after a 2017 massacre at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

. 5 Apple

TV shows. Video games. Credit cards. And Oprah. Yes, Apple released anything but new iPhones yesterday when it announced its arrival in the increasingly crowded video streaming space. The tech giants will create their own TV shows and movies on the updated Apple TV +. It starts this fall, but Apple did not reveal how much it will cost or how many shows will be available. Oprah Winfrey will have two new Docu series streaming for the service. Steven Spielberg was present because he will also have projects on Apple +, which was a shock to many after his recent comments on Netflix. Apple also introduced a digital newsstand called News +.


Welcome to … Wait, what?

Imagine the surprise on the faces of British Airways passengers when their flight with Dusseldorf landed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Simmer down, "Drake & Josh" fans. Yes, Drake Bell and Josh Peck are working together again, but it's not a restart of the popular 2000's television series.


MMA fighter Conor McGregor tweeted that he is retiring from the sport, but this is not the first time he has stepped out of the octagon, now?

Snout Shocker

] Ever wondered why so many Egyptian statues broke their noses? It is more than just a normal vandalism.

Baby boom

Nine is doing well at the work unit in a Maine hospital, where nine pregnant nurses will give birth at about the same time.


"We were ashamed and white as leaves."

Chairman and Managing Partner of JAB Holdings, the family concern owned by Krispy Kreme, after the Reimann's connection to the Nazis had been uncovered three years earlier.


$ 112.5 million

So much does Duke pay to clarify the allegations that they've used fake research for granting federal grants



Farmers for a Day

A country trip with Kevin Hart and Jennifer Garner? Hey, why not? (Click here to see it)

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