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5G is not just a country, says Cisco vice president

At the Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit on May 23, 2019 in Kunming, China, a man stands next to a 5G sign.

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The advent of a super-fast 5G mobile network was fueled by fierce debates about national security concerns and fears that major players in the 5G industry, such as Huawei, the technology giant, might be used by China to spy on other nations.

Guy Diedrich, vice president and global innovation officer at Cisco, insisted to CNBC that no country or company would have a monopoly on the next generation of the mobile Internet.

"There is no country, no land enterprise or continent that will own 5G," he said Monday at CNBC's East Tech West conference in the Nansha district of Guangzhou, China.

5G is the name of the next generation of mobile networks designed to deliver super-fast data speeds, even though most of the world still uses the 4G network. The debate over 5G, or more specifically, the debate on 5G technology providers, has been politicized, among others, with US and UK officials, who expressed concerns that companies like Huawei could pose a security threat.

In part, Huawei has vehemently denied that its technology could ever be used to monitor (or sabotage) China. However, some experts are still convincing. The UK has postponed a decision on whether the technology giant should play a role in its 5G infrastructure until after a general election on 1

2 December.

Diedrich, who calls Cisco a program called & # 39; Country Digital Acceleration & # 39; Currently under development, 31 countries that wanted to help them "digitize faster" said that few are thinking about 5G.

"We are just starting to show interest and investing in 5G The point here is that it really is a race, I do not want us to think about it as a sprint, it's more like a marathon and us are in the first stages of this marathon, "he said.

"I'm dealing with these 31 countries around the world and these market leaders: we have Nokia, we have Ericsson, we have 60,000 Cisco partners around the world with whom we work, and there are a large number This partner will require until 5G is met, "he said.

There are a number of other technology innovations, including Diedrich rnet of things, and the next generation of Wi-Fi, known as Wi-Fi 6.

"And it's not just about 5G.5G is part of it (but) it's also about WiFi 6, it's about iot (the Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), it's about all the different technologies that are built on it. I do not want everything to be about 5G and who's the first to finish, who sprints, because then there will be a much longer race, "he said.

Cisco Appointed the World's Largest Cyber ​​Security Provider Earlier this year, Canalys scored 20 billion cyber-attacks per day in a ranking of cybersecurity providers.

"Security concerns lie between companies and governments," he said. The number of security providers protecting each country is the number of security providers.

"With 30 to 50, or 70, security providers that many individual companies and countries have, they do not talk to each other, they do not integrate well, and all the bad guys do is, after all, a weak link in that security chain So, the solution is to develop a comprehensive security strategy and make sure that security is embedded in the network, which I consider important. "

Diedrich said the unresolved trade war between the US and China is holding back investment in 5G. "Trade wars are of no use to anyone and unnecessarily limit the ability of countries and companies to spend on digitization."

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