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6 health benefits of vinegar + types, uses and side effects

In the production of vinegar, alcohol is converted into what is known as acetic acid – one of the most important scientifically-supported, health-promoting compounds that has been shown to lower blood sugar, reduce fat storage and suppress appetite for other goodies. The sour, biting aroma that accompanies vinegar, cucumbers and even sourdough bread? This is acetic acid.

"Numerous studies have linked the consumption of vinegar to the lowering of blood sugar," says Jessica Cording, M.S., R. D., CDN, registered dietitian and health coach. "Acetic acid in vinegar is believed to play a role in supporting blood sugar management because it interacts with starch digestive enzymes."

The fermentation process and the resulting probiotic bacteria in some phonetic cording also praises unfiltered apple cider vinegar as an advantageous factor. It has also been used medically and as an antibacterial agent, probably because of its acidity, and some studies have also looked at the potential antioxidant benefits of vinegar.

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