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6 paid iPhone apps can now download free – BGR

We have a recent synopsis of paid iPhone and iPad apps that you can try for free before heading off for the weekend. It has six different premium iOS apps, all of which are currently available as free downloads. Of course you can not say when these giveaways will return to their normal prices, so grab them as long as you can.

This post includes paid iPhone and iPad apps provided for free by their developers for a limited time. BGR is not affiliated with any developer. There is no way to say how long these apps will stay free. The sale could end in an hour or a week. Of course, we can only guarantee that they were free at the time of writing this post. If you click on a link and next to the word "get" see a price next to an app, this is no longer free. If you download the app anyway, Apple will charge you. Subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as these articles are published and you avoid missing the sales we cover.

Briefcase Pro

Usually $ 2.99

Briefcase is an all-in-one document reader and manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

It can store files from camera, photo albums, PC / Mac ( via Wi-Fi or iTunes), email attachments, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box and so on. All files are stored locally so you can read them everywhere!

======== Features ==========
● Import files from Mac or PC via Wi-Fi or iTunes
Any Mac OS X, Windows XP / Vista / 7 Computer can transfer files to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and operate like a wireless flash drive. There is no additional software required.

● Access to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, Box
With Pocket Briefcase you can download and upload Dropbox, GoogleDirve, SkyDrive, Box files.

● Viewer for Documents and Manager
Supports PDF file, Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel & PowerPoint), iWorks documents (Keynote, Pages, Numbers), image files (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and others) and other plain text files

● Media Playback of files
Supports playback of audio (MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV) and video (MOV, MP4, M4V).

● Share files with friends
E-mail files directly from Pocket Briefcase. Sharing files using the Wi-Fi Sharing feature

● Password protection is supported
Passcode is required when launching the app

Download Briefcase Pro

Hearts Tournament

Usually $ 4.99

Play the # 1 Rewarded Heart Game!

Get ready to break a few hearts in the most social card game on the App Store! Enjoy up to 30 games simultaneously with friends or random opponents. Play between the rounds alone against challenging computer opponents!

"If you're looking for an online Hearts action, this is the place to go"
– The iPhone App Review

"A Good Choice for Any Card Game Fan"
– AppAdvice

____________________________________________ [19659006] Hearts is an entertaining avoidance game that causes players to focus on the opponent's hands as well as their own. Dodge Hearts and the dreaded Queen of Spades are the players with the fewest points!

Complete challenges to unlock new items, collect achievements, collect leaderboard points and more!

Discover different ways of playing. Explore a variety of game types. Shoot the moon. Separate the queen. Do you have the heart to do anything? Download now and see why players fall in love with Hearts Tournament!

Irresistible features:

– Improved graphics for the iPad Retina Display

– Game Center Turn-Based Multiplayer with iOS 5 [19659006] – Play up to 30 multiplayer games at once [19659006] – 2- and 4-player multiplayer games!

– Push alerts tell you when it's your turn

– Play solo against three challenging difficulty levels

– Re-earn items by completing challenges

– Compete for top spots the Leaderboard

– Explore all game variations

– Play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Download Heart Tournament

You and Me Pro

Usually $ 1.99

The rules are simple!

◆ Freedom in the form of a line, free falling objects let two balls meet! Flexible thinking is the key to victory
◆ Share a moment of triumph! You can show your skills in social media and share pictures with your friends. Besides, you can share friends promptly get oh ~
◆ your brain skill is tested, testing your flexibility of thinking and logical thinking. The game elements, the Chamber of Secrets escape elements including a puzzle, CARDS and strategic game elements, etc. It can also affect the mental development of a child and the prevention of brain aging.

Download and Me Pro

Relax VR: Rest & Meditation

Usually $ 2.99

Take a break. Get some air first. Sit back. , , and immerse yourself in the most relaxing natural environments in the world. Look at fluffy clouds floating or leaves rustle over your head. , , Watch vast, undulating waves of ocean waves as you reload to soft meditation or gentle melodic melodies.

Relax VR presents beautifully detailed 360º video and spatial sounds for you, for beach, sea, wind, waves, forest streams, crickets and much more in virtual reality. Soothing, guided meditations or peaceful ambient beats accompany your experience.

*** Relax VR is one of the "9 Best Apps for iPhone" – CNet ***
*** Relax VR is one of the "Best" VR apps and games for the iPhone "- Warable ** *

Find out why more than half a million people have relaxed with Relax VR.

The Relax VR team understands that the feeling of * presence * plays an important role, combined with meditation techniques for stress management Providing the right experience from the moment you open the app is paramount Relax VR Relaxation is professionally designed by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and meditation / yoga trainers to facilitate your stress and sleep support. [19659006] How To Relax In VR:

1. Plug your phone into your VR headset and put on your headphones.
2. Choose your destination from the latest relaxing, scenic locations.
3. Select S between breathing awareness or deep-led relaxation meditation or soothing, peaceful music.
4. Enjoy the natural beauty and peaceful sounds while slipping into a relaxed state of mind.
5. Create your experience and feel at peace, rejuvenated and rested.

With an ever-expanding selection of exclusive natural destinations, RelaxVR includes:

– Wineglass Bay Beach, Australia
– Tropical Beach Escape, Philippines
– Northern Lights, USA
– Up in the Clouds
– Forest Creek, Germany
– Glenn Canyon, United States
– Fern Bern, New Zealand
– Fantail Falls, New Zealand
– Rice Terraces, Philippines
– 12 Apostles, Australia

** Like Getting the most out of your immersive experience **

– To select your experience, look at the icon for a second or two.
– Look around – left, right, up, down – to explore your beautiful surroundings.
– To return to the main menu, just look 45 degrees forward

To fully enjoy this app you need a 360º viewer like Google Cardboard.

Download Relax VR: Rest & Meditation

Translate 3 for Safari

Usually $ 4.99

Translate 3 for Safari – Translate & Speak Web
(TranslateSafari 3 – Translate & Speak Extension for Safari)

The app is a Safari extension who translates and speaks aloud the entire website of Safari App.
A must have app to translate safari websites and pronounce them aloud.

Useful functions
● Translate the entire website of Safari App
– Supports both translation types Whole page and By paragraph
– View the original text for each translated sentence

● Speak the whole Website of the Safari App according to
– Talk about 100 votes
– Read all unread web pages automatically
– Swipe to master phrases
– Highlight word by word for each phrase
– Add the clicked web page
– Favorite web pages with "Marked" to speak later
– With funny bear and human Fak e animations during speaking
– Support useful repeat, pause, Speed ​​and Pitch Options

● Optimize Speech Features (Pro)
– Supports Other Features: Add Selected, All Unread W read pages
– Background Operation support: Keep reading web pages in the background while using another app
– Lock screen support: Play, pause, skip a sentence, adjust playback volume and display the set list on the lock screen

● A Safari extension that translates the entire website
The app is a Safari extension that translates the entire website of the Safari app.

● Supports both paragraph and full page translation types
The app supports both By paragraph translation (50+ languages) and full page (100+ languages)

● A Safari extension that presents the entire web page sentence by sentence
The app provides a Safari extension that speaks the entire web aloud page of the Safari app.
The app integrates the text-to-speech engine of the system, speaks sentence by sentence without internet connection.
In Speak mode, you can copy or add marked words with "Marked". [19459011Sprich100+votes

● Support for over 70 extended voices (in-app purchase)

● Add popular web pages with "Marked" (Pro)

● Read all unread web pages automatically (Pro)
The app can read all unread selected web pages automatically.

● Wipe to control sentence skipping
You can skip a sentence or all subsequent sentences in speech mode.
Swipe one sentence to the right and tap [Skip Below] or [Unskip Below] to skip or unsubscribe all sentences.
Swipe left one sentence and tap the [Skip] or [Unskip] button to skip or remove the sentence.

● Speak the clicked web page
When you click the link on the web page in the language mode, the app reads the clicked web page

● Support useful language options
The app offers some useful language options, such as repeat times of the entire article, repetition times of each sentence, pauses between sentences, speech rate, speaking distance and font size options
The repetition times can be 0 ~ 60 and infinite (∞).

● Talking Face Animation
The app offers funny facial animations when talking.
You can select bears and human facial animation with two dialects each.
The pinch feature lets you change the size of the face size, dragging and dropping to other position items.

● Highlight words while speaking
The app marks the word by word for each spoken phrase.

● Background Operation Support (Pro)
The app can continue to read web pages in the background while using another app.

● Lock screen support (Pro)
The app provides the lock screen suppo • You can play, pause, skip a set, adjust the playback volume, and see the typesetting list on the lock screen.

● This app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad

Download Translate 3 for Safari

Super Lines

Usually $ 2.99

Classic arcade game!

Super Lines (~ Snake ~)

How long can you have left?

Contains 4 different game modes, and most Attractive 2 game mode, you can play with friends wherever you want instead of playing alone.

Game Mode:

– Classic
– Modern
– Survival
– Crazy


– Just touch and move the direction on the screen.

Download Super Lines

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