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6 snack stalls from the democracy debate in October

WESTERVILLE, Ohio – The debate between CNN and the New York Times on Tuesday evening revealed a new dynamic in the Democratic presidential contest: Senator Elizabeth Warren was consistently fired at by several rivals, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. fought for power and mayor Pete Buttigieg and other candidates expressed themselves aggressively.

Here are six excerpts from the debate:

For the first time this year, Ms. Warren was often called and criticized by her rivals:

  • Mr. Biden called her health plans "vague" and argued that she had never achieved anything big.

  • Mr. Buttigieg hinted that she did not trust the Americans to choose to stay in private health insurance.

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar denounced Ms. Warren's plans as a "dream of desire."

  • Senator Kamala Harris wanted to know why Ms. Warren did not join her call for Twitter to ban President Trump from his social media platform.

For a candidate who participated in the polls because of her political acumen and peculiarities, Ms. Warren was unwilling to answer the question. It was striking that her "Medicare for All" plan would require higher taxes for the middle class. And their opponents have forced them on the defensive.

wife. Warren largely survived the attacks, but never answered questions about raising those middle-class taxes. She also did not explain to Ms. Harris why she thinks Mr. Trump should stay on Twitter. However, she put forward a precise counter-argument that only her ambitious ideas could produce an election mandate from dissatisfied Americans to Mr. Trump's defeat.

Overall, the debate served as confirmation of Mrs. Warren's status as one of two fronts runners in the race, alongside Mr. Biden. It also crystallized much of the 19-way race as a competition as a Biden alternative out. The candidates discussing with Mrs Warren spoke to Democratic voters not only about how they would compete with President Trump, but also about how they would defend themselves against Mrs Warren if the election campaign narrows down to a few candidates.

Unlike the previous three debates, no one has instigated a dispute with Mr. Biden. It was a sign of his diminished status in the race – he is no longer the sole leader after giving the ground to Ms. Warren – but it also proved that the attack on Mr. Biden did not serve his rival well When They Have Tempted

The most difficult moment for Mr. Biden came when the presenters urged him to work for his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine. When no candidate pressed him on the subject, it was dropped from the discussion after Mr. Biden made a garbled and shaky statement.

Mr. Biden, as is his custom, sometimes wondered away from the question at hand. During a monologue on tax rates, he bemoaned the size of the field and the relatively short time that candidates had to answer questions.

He was strongest when attacked against Mrs. Warren. But it was a revealing sign that his rivals were trying to present themselves as an alternative to Biden by contrasting with Mrs. Warren instead of Mr. Biden. You. not the former vice president, looked like the candidate to beat on Tuesday night.

He scolded billionaires. He accused "Medicare for all". He threw out his campaign URL. He said "damn" – twice.

It was the vintage Bernie Sanders on Tuesday – and that was a relief to his supporters and advisors, two weeks after the 78-year-old had suffered a heart attack.

"I'm healthy, I feel great," Mr. Sanders said as the debate neared the two-hour mark, but by then Mr. Sanders had discussed this case with his appearance, talking to Mr. Biden quarreled over their ideological differences and hugged his arm to seek more airtime.

"We will launch an energetic campaign everywhere this country, so I believe I can reassure the American people," Sanders said when he spoke When asked about his health,

When Senator Cory Booker made a joke that also supports medical marijuana for Mr. Sanders, Mr. Sanders did not hesitate to reply, "I'm not in this tonight."

He may not have new ones Trailer won, but he looked like old Bernie Sanders, which was more than enough for this debate.

For months, Mr. Buttigieg has been satisfied with me to make his points in the debates without achieving them at the expense of his rivals. That ended on Tuesday.

Mr. Buttigieg fought violently with the former representative Beto O'Rourke for weapons. He corrected the representative Tulsi Gabbard in foreign policy. And most of all, he dealt with the most substantive and sustained contrast a contestant had ever had with Mrs. Warren.

It was Mr. Buttigieg's exchange with Ms. Warren about "Medicare for all," which she considered memorable. She once again declined to say whether her plan would require a middle-class tax hike. (She says her plan would lower the "cost" of the middle class.)

"A yes or no question that was not answered with yes or no," said Buttigieg, adding, "Your signature, Senator, is to have a plan for everything. Except for this. He rattled off how her plan would "obliterate" the private health insurance of 150 million Americans while putting up his alternative "Medicare for those who want it."

Mr. Buttigieg's rebuke of Mr. O'Rourke – "I do not need lessons from your courage" – might be more appropriate for a viral moment. But the bigger jump was a foil to Mrs. Warren.

It sometimes felt on Tuesday as if the extensive 12-person stage had actually narrowed to a four-person debate with Mrs. Warren and Mr. Sanders, who represents the left, and Mr. Biden and Mr. Buttigieg, who represents the left center. The occasional television recording of just these four served to illustrate the point.

Mr. Booker and wife Harris were not the main course on Tuesday. They were the cleaners of the pallet. Mr. Booker and Mrs. Harris both entered the debate and fought for support and attention. And at the end of the first hour, it turned out that they had adopted a similar game plan: they wanted to rise up against the dispute and the fight over the food while they nudged President Trump.

"Breaking one another down because we have a different plan is unacceptable," Mr. Booker said. He was the first candidate to accuse the media for asking Mr. Biden questions about his son's work in Ukraine.

At some point, Ms. Harris emitted a complaint that women's advocates had been pressing for months: the lack of abortion issues. "This is the sixth debate in this presidential cycle. Not a word in all these discussions about health care and women's access to health care. It is outrageous, "said Ms. Harris.

On Tuesday, both Mrs. Harris and Mr. Booker beat Mr. Trump harder than any rival on the floor in foreign affairs, this is not a new strategy, and Mrs. Harris continued to focus during the last debate Mr. Trump, and for two contestants who beat their ticket for November, it was a bloodless opportunity to sell themselves on a crowded stage without much risk.

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