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6 takeaways From the main elections on Tuesday

The Year of Women Continues

Women were successful in the early primaries of 2018, with the trend continuing on Tuesday: Nineteen Democratic primaries in the open house had at least one candidate, and one woman gained more than 80 percent from them.

Some seats are safely controlled by Republicans and will not be competitive this fall. But the success of candidates like Liz Watson in Indiana and Kathy Manning in North Carolina and female Democrats in the four states that voted on Tuesday shows how many women are driving opposition to President Trump.

There are more women being Democratic candidates for this year than ever, and the first primaries of 201

8, starting with Texas and Illinois in March, have shown that they not only run – they also win nominations.

But it's Trump's party

When Mr. Trump won the presidency, the Republican Party was broken and important conservative leaders were still against him. On Tuesday, not a single Trump critic won a Republican primary. The Republican candidates introduced themselves as Trump allies and in some cases specifically referred to themselves.

In Indiana, Mike Brown, a wealthy former lawmaker, won the Republican Senate by branding himself a Trump-style businessman and Outsider. In Ohio, Mr. Renacci, with the support of Mr. Trump, won the Senate. And Mr. Trump's resistance to Mr. Blankenship in West Virginia may have ruined him.

Even the more traditional Republicans mimicked Mr. Trump: Mr. DeWine's campaign accused his main opponent, Mary Taylor, of insufficient support for the president In 2016, while attacking Taylor's ethics, the camp tweeted DeWine #LockHerUp [19659003] And Ms. Taylor, Ohio's vice-governor, attempted to camp political upheaval as Trump loyalists without denying current Governor John Kasich, a Republican who is a tough Trump critic.

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