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6 things we learned about Meghan Markle from CBS Meghan and Harry Plus One

Members of Inner Circle of Meghan Markle British journalists and royal historians have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a CBS news special of Gayle King in a remarkably positive light shown. and titled Meghan and Harry Plus One .

The one-hour report covered the new life of the former American actress alongside Prince Harry and paid much attention to the negative (and unjust) press she had faced since joining the royal family , Meghan's close friends, make-up artist Daniel Martin and actress Janina Gavankar shared their righteous thoughts on the rampant rumors, even revealing how the Duchess herself deals with the extreme highs and lows.

Even more insight into Meghan's first year hurricane as Queen ̵

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Is there any truth to reports of Meghan's "diva" antics? :

According to Daniel absolutely not. "What's so frustrating is hearing these stories and there's no truth," he shared. "It's not the same person, she never had a diva fit in the years I knew her, the years I worked with her, never, I know she does not deserve this negative press . " Janina added, "She does not read evil or good because she knows the metrics she has for her own life can not be based on a headline someone else wrote."

The love between Meghan and Harry is not Just for Show :

As Daniel described, "They love each other so much, it's so sincere, love is real." Janina reflected on the royal wedding, which took place almost exactly a year ago. "I had to watch as my friend looked her soulmate in the eye and was happy." She later remarked, "She has a very solid sense of her true north, and she has the priority of finding ways to shed light on global issues, but she's not alone in that." She's with her soul mate very powerful. " Much fainting ?!

Prince Charles & # 39; gesture of a lifetime :

When the boulevard drama about Meghan's alienated father cast a shadow over her wedding day, many wondered who would lead them down the hallway. Prince Charles took the responsibility, a moment in which he remembered the decline and Daniel burst into tears. "The doors open and I'm standing behind," he said. "I see her come down and I only see how strong she is and how well she is balanced, she keeps her cool, she went and [Prince Charles and Prince Harry] intercepted her, it was like & # 39; we got you us. & # 39; she is at home. "

Welcome to Meyhive :

In a play about Beyonce's fanbase known as Beyhive, faithful followers of Meghan and their ideals have come together to" Meyhive "baptized. It is possible that Queen Bey also sees herself as a member, especially as she and Jay-Z Meghan have been honored at this year's Brit Awards. Daniel said he wrote Meghan a photo of the epic moment she responded to with "big-eyed emoji."

Meghan and Harry's style of upbringing is surprisingly surprising :

Although they have only been mom and dad for two weeks, Daniel has already predicted what the future of baby archie will hold. "I feel like Meghan and & # 39; H & # 39; will keep this kid real, I'm sure the baby will be clean and green, she loves to cook, eat organic whenever she can. I see her making her own food Oh, yes! "He mused. And from Janina's point of view, "She will be such a good mother, I think she will be very easy-to-care, as she would have been if she had not been married to the royal family, and I think Meghan will . " Be strict. Not strict in any way, but she is an incredibly practical person. She will control a narrow ship. "

So who is responsible for Meghan's impeccable wardrobe? : She is! Daniel confirmed to Gayle that the Duchess does not have her own stylist and is looking for all her ensembles herself." She always has such an innate sense of hers "It's pretty incredible that she can do all this."

Meghan and Harry Plus A premiere on Friday night at 8 pm on CBS.

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