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6 ways to protect yourself from dengue

  WHO warns against the health risks of dengue vaccines: 6 ways to protect you from dengue

The world's first dengue vaccine can expose you to some health risks

Who could forget the number of mosquito deaths? born illness causes last year! Thousands of people were killed last year and a dengue vaccine was released. Recently, however, the World Health Organization noted that some potential risks of this vaccine need to be addressed. The world's first Dengue vaccine can protect you from the deadly disease, but it can also be a source of some health risks. For this reason, they advised each country to plan a screening of the population before vaccination. It has strictly advised countries to inject the vaccine only to people who have tested positive for dengue.

But the vaccine is not the only preventive measure for dengue fever. People can take a few steps to reduce their risk of contracting this deadly disease. Patients suffering from mosquito-borne viral disease may experience symptoms such as headache, body aches, loss of appetite, high fever, skin rashes, vomiting and muscle bleeding. For treatment, doctors recommend adequate fluid intake and bed rest.

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Since prevention is better than cure, we recommend some preventative measures against dengue. Here are 7 simple and practical ways to protect you from dengue fever.

. 1

Make sure there is no stagnant water in and around your home.

Stagnant water is the habitat for dengue mosquitoes. It can be found in unattended buckets, coolers, irrigation pots and other places. First, you must not let water stagnate and if you can not remove the water for some reason, you need to keep it covered.

. 2 Close doors and windows at dusk

At dusk and late at night, mosquitoes find their way into their homes. Keep all doors and windows closed during late evening hours. You do not want mosquitoes running around your house. Even if holes are present in doors and windows, they must also be concealed.

. 3 Wear protective clothing

We know that it is too hot for you to wear full-sleeved shirts and pants. But trust us, it is important for you. As you walk outside during the day, keep your arms, legs, and feet covered, as mosquitoes are active at this time.

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4. Use mosquito repellents

No matter how much you try, part of your skin remains unprotected. On these parts you can apply a mosquito repellent on your skin. If you want to avoid the chemical repellents, you can apply neem oil or coconut oil just before going to sleep. While you go outside, wear a mosquito repellent on your clothes.

. 5 Keep Your House Mosquito Free

There are a number of ways to keep this unwanted buzzer away. You can spray your house regularly. You can also keep a tulsi plant outside your home; This prevents mosquitoes from breeding in this area. You can also use camphor for this purpose. Light a piece of camphor and let it burn for 15-20 minutes. The aromatic vapors will drive all mosquitoes out of your home. You can also keep Neem Leaves in your home for the same purpose.

. 6 Homemade garlic spray

The stinging smell of a garlic spray can keep mosquitoes out of your home. Crush a few garlic cloves and simmer in a little water. Now spray the water around. Its strong smell will drive away all mosquitoes.

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