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6 zodiac signs with fear of being hurt, according to astrology

That drives her crazy.

Being a human being is not easy – we can all agree with that. What sometimes makes it so hard for us is the fact that we are such vulnerable creatures. emotionally we are either a mess or we have turned our pain into a kind of stoic representation of a balanced mental state.

The truth is that we are easily hurt and process our pain in different ways. And the zodiac signs, with the fear of being hurt, sometimes find it difficult to get through the day, while others find coping mechanisms and skills to make their lives bearable. And if astrology is an indication, these signs can make them feel no emotional upheaval.

And it must not be said that life is nothing more than an attempt and a tribulation to have an easy life. We all pay in one way or another. You can be rich or poor, but eventually you will hurt yourself, and you will feel that pain.

If we know that, we expect pain; We project it, we feel it before it even happens. Sometimes we shut ourselves off from the world just to avoid the vulnerability that leads to emotional pain. And some of us are practically professional about how we avoid being hurt because we are scared. Some fear that they will hurt themselves so much that they avoid living a normal life; they live in a state of self-protection.

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