On Thursday, a traffic accident involving a commercial passenger bus and a truck on Interstate 40 in New Mexico, near the Arizona border, killed several people and severely injured others. (30th of August)

A horrific collision between a Greyhound bus and a truck A highway in New Mexico killed at least seven passengers and sent scores of others to surrounding hospitals, the authorities reported Thursday.

Preliminary information showed that the Semi went east when it blew a tire and sent the rig over the median and in the opposite direction sending traffic where it hit the bus, New Mexico State Police said.

Television coverage of the crash site off Interstate 40 near the Arizona border showed that the front of the bus collapsed after impact. The truck was on the side of debris spread over the highway and a nearby median.

The driver of the semi-trailer suffered non-life-threatening injuries, said the state police.

Passing motorists described a chaotic scene with passengers on the ground and screaming people.

Eric Huff was traveling with his girlfriend to the Grand Canyon when they stumbled over the accident.

Huff said that the trailer of the Semis was upside down and "shredded to pieces" and the front of The Greyhound Bus was shattered, many seats compressed. Part of the side of the bus had been demolished, he said.

"It was a dreadful terrible scene," he said

The truck driver Santos Soto III shot a video that showed the front of the downed Greyhound half jumped up, with content scattered across the freeway.


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