Seven inmates were killed and at least 17 others were injured after violence and chaos had leaked into a high-security prison in South Carolina Monday

Clashes between inmates Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville occurred around 7:15 pm on Sunday, the State Correct Ion Division said. The fighting spread to three residential units, but no officers were injured, the authorities said.

The order was fully restored on Monday around 3am, the ministry said on its Facebook page.

"All SCDC staff and the answer law enforcement officers are safe and responsible," the statement said.

The Department Police Department and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Department were identified.

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The prison, opened 25 years ago with around 1,700 prisoners by some of South Carolina's most violent perpetrators, is no stranger to violence. Three weeks ago, inmates overwhelmed a guard and held him hostage and took control of part of a dormitory for about 90 minutes. The guard was released unhurt.

In February, one inmate fatally stabbed another in February. [Monday] Lee County Fire and Rescue said on Monday that it helped with the "mass accident" in prison. Florence County EMS, Kershaw County EMS, Darlington County EMS, Lexington County EMS and Hartsville Rescue and a private ambulance service also responded.

The prison is located about 50 miles east of Columbia. The state capital is home to the Kirkland Correctional Institution, in which four inmates were fatally strangled a year ago. One of the two inmates charged with the crime said he killed her so he would be transferred to death row.

Contribution: WLTX-TV in Columbia, S.C.

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