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7 is missing as deadly California wildfire continues to grow

At least seven people were still missing in Shasta County, California, as changing winds, dry fuel, and steep terrain helped the monstrous Carr Fire devour nearly 100,000 acres on Sunday night.

The fire has claimed six lives (19659002) Sixteen people were reported missing, but nine were found safe, Shasta County sheriff Tom Bosenko said at a press conference on Sunday. [196592002] Redding Police Sgt. Todd Cogle said authorities "find that there are many communication issues", making it difficult to track down residents.

"We talked to several people who left their cell phones in their homes and nowadays do not remember people's phone numbers," Cogle said.

The fire, which started a week ago, is only 1

7%, according to the Californian Ministry of Forestry and Fire Protection, known as Cal Fire.

The fire doubled in size Saturday. Flames have destroyed at least 874 structures in the area, Cal Fire said.

No rain forecast

High temperatures, low humidity and elevated winds are all in the forecast, setting the stage for more explosive fire behavior, Chris Harvey (19659002) The National Weather Service also warned that the forecasts would worsen the situation.

"A dangerous heat wave will continue from California to the Pacific Northwest at this early-stage week, with three-digit heat combined with dry humidity only exacerbating the ongoing forest fire situation in California," said Twitte .

CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said there will be no rainfall this week. [196592002] "The winds around the fires will be locally gusty, with winds up to 25mph, and the fires are likely to create their own winds, which could sometimes be stronger," she said. "In other parts of Central and Southern California, history is similar, temperatures will remain 5-10 degrees above the region average, and dry / drought conditions will continue, with little or no rain expected during the week.

Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandson Die

The unpredictable flames are being accused of six dead, including 70-year-old Melody Bledsoe and her great-grandchildren, 4-year-old Emily Roberts and 5-year-old James Roberts.

The three had missed since Thursday when their house was overtaken by flames. Family members confirmed on Saturday that they had died.

"With a heavy heart, we are sad to inform you all that Mel and the great-grandbabies in the house have been confirmed," the family said on a GoFundMe page.

In those last few minutes, Ed Bledsoe could not get to his wife and grandchildren, but he could talk on the phone.

Bledsoe burst into tears as he phoned his family as he tried to try and rescue her.

"He kept saying," Grandpa, come and get me, "Bledsoe said, referring to 5-year-old James." The fire comes in the back door. Come on, grandfather. "I said," I'm down the street right now.

Another person was found dead after a fire had consumed another house, Bosenko said on Sunday.

"This fire is scary for us. We have not seen that in the city yet, "said Redding police chief Roger Moore, told reporters Friday night.

More than 3,300 firefighters are battling the flames with more than 300 engines and 17 helicopters, reported Cal Fire. [19659002] ] The fire began on July 23, when a vehicle suffered a mechanical failure, officials said The firefighters had progressed until Thursday night, when it began to spread rapidly.

Fireman, bulldozer operator killed

At least two people died in the fight against the fire, and several others were injured.

Jeremy Stoke "A fire department inspector from the Redding Fire Department died on Thursday," said the Redding Fire Department union.

Stoke, the 2004 fire department was joined by Redding, was killed in the evacuation, the union said. (19659002) Three Marin County firefighters were burned Treated to ears, hands and face after experiencing a "sudden heat surge" from burning vegetation. Engineer Scott Pederson and firefighters Tyler Barnes and Brian Cardoza were released from a hospital, the fire department said in a statement on Friday.

A fourth firefighter has been investigated at UC Davis Burn Center, the statement said.

Eight people were treated at the Mercy Medical Center in Redding for respiratory and burn injuries, a spokeswoman for the hospital said Friday morning.

"I can not believe it's gone"

The fire forced many residents to gather what they could and escape in just minutes.

"We did not think the fire would come here, so we did not really get things out like everyone else who tried to get out of the lair last minute when we hit the ridge," said Dominic Galvin.

A resident of French Gulch, west of Redding, said she had two hours to evacuate, but some people only had 30 minutes.

"It's scary," said Rachel Hines CNN affiliate KRCR. "You are a little bit scared because you do not know if you will come back to your house and the city will change."

Chris Corona went home to his parents to look for their cat, Jinx. The house was gone, but Jinx was there, safely hidden in a bush on a hill, untouched by the flames that killed all the other vegetation.

Corona cried as he thought of things they had lost in the house.

I can not believe it's gone. All those memories, childhood memories, "he said," stuff that parents save like stuff you built as a kid for your mother. I'm just glad my mom got all the valuable stuff she wanted out of it.

According to police chief Moore, looting has been reported in abandoned residences in Redding and some arrests have been made.

The Californian bureau of emergency services said in a tweet on Saturday that the state received "help from other states to help forest fires "These states with resources on the scene included Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado, and other states, including Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico and Oregon, have resources on The Road, said the tweet.

Other Fires Burned in California

In addition to the Carr Fire, more than a dozen other burning forest fires burn throughout California, expanding resources.

The Cranston Fire near San Bernardino has more burned as 13,130 acres and is contained 57%.

A man accused of several fires in Riverside County including the Hiring Cranston Feuers "The fires of the ranch and river in Mendocino County have seared more than 30,000 hectares," said Cal Fire.

The Ferguson Fire in Mariposa County has torpedoed 54,481 acres (25,000 ha) and is 30% contained. The fire has triggered the closure of Yosemite National Park's most famous areas, which will open again to all visitors on the 3rd of August.

A Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park firefighter, identified as Capt. Brian Hughes, died in the fight against the Ferguson fire after being beaten and killed by a Sunday tree, according to a statement from the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

"Hughes was using the Arrowhead [Interagency] Hotshots for four years and is used by everyone at the Parks," was the statement. "We are mourning for his loss."

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