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72 NFL players tested positive for corona virus

An NFLPA database shows that 72 NFL players tested positive for the corona virus by July 10.

As the NFL and the NFL Players Association continue to negotiate rules that training camps can start later this month and the regular season can begin in September, the union is trying to ensure that its members are kept informed of the presence of the corona virus across the country and in their specific communities.

The number 72 is difficult to correlate, as not every player in the league or even a very large number has been tested. However, if you estimate 32 traditional 90-man training camp rosters, you’ll currently get a total of 2,880 NFL players, meaning that the 72 make up 2.5% of the league̵

7;s player population.

The NFLPA has posted this information on its website, which also gives players a market-by-market overview of how the virus has spread to cities where camps are scheduled to open later this month. The map on the website is based on 14-day averages of new positive tests and currently shows Miami as the “hottest” virus spot among the NFL markets with 4,164 average daily cases in the past two weeks. Los Angeles, Arizona and Dallas are close behind.

At the other end of the spectrum, the graph shows the New England Patriot market with the fewest positive tests in the past 14 days. Other teams in markets at the bottom are the New York Jets and Giants, the Buffalo Bills, and the Detroit Lions.

The NFLPA has been negotiating with the league over the past few weeks on health and safety protocols specific to the reopening of procedures in the face of the virus, as well as economic issues such as the impact of lost earnings from 2020 on the 2021 salary cap. Several prominent Player union members have publicly stated that they will not agree to return to the game until they are satisfied that everything has been done to make them as safe as possible. The league and union continue to haggle over issues ranging from frequency of testing to special face shields to opt-out procedures for players who don’t feel comfortable in the current climate.

The training camp for most teams is scheduled to start on July 28th.

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