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8 scenarios in which Jets are traded in NFL Draft trading, including with Giants

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The jets are sitting in the upcoming NFL Draft in a sweet spot. They hold a high selection (# 3) in a draft that is not considered rich in quarterback. This means that a team that wants a quarterback would prefer their first choice rather than having to wait and settle for a few seconds.

And the jets are just the kind of team that should be interested in trading down. [1

9659004] First, they already have their franchise quarterback. On the other hand, a passrusher is one of the biggest needs, and there are many high-quality Passrauscher at the top of this design. Most importantly, the Jets are a recovery team with a ton of holes, but they only have six picks in this design and no second round (which they last sent to the Colts Sam Darnold year).

You should explore the draft trade down to win their second round and add extra picks – as long as they do not fall too far down.

Which quarterback-needy teams are most likely to be interested in advancement? There are several in the top 10 and some outside of it. It is impossible to know what a trade package would look like without knowing how much competition there is. But the lower the jets are, the larger the package could be. Who knows? They could even catch up with their second-round and add a future first-timer.

See the teams that want to make a deal:

1) Oakland Raiders (4th place) [19659010] Jon Gruden seems to be the kind of coach / executive who takes an early leap of faith to a man like Kyler Murray does. It's all just a speculation on Murray, but when he turns 3, Gruden might be tempted to stop someone from taking care of him.

With the jets they could get their second round and still get the player They would have made it to 3. By the way, the Raiders have three eliminations in the first round, although it's hard for them to give up one to move up one place.

2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5th place)

The Bucs have signed up for [[2019] Jameis Winston for 2019, but his contract expires after the season and they have said nothing about 2020 their confidence in him, but he had many difficulties in his short career with inconsistent results.

It is doubtful that they would do it, but if they wanted a deal, a deal similar to the Jets would be a hit with the Raiders. They could get their runner-up back and still get a top-pass rusher, as they would not move very far.

3) Giants (# 6)

A deal between these two rivals in the stadium makes a deal so much sense, but due to their internal rivalry and closeness, this is most likely not the case.

But if one is hypothetical, it could be a win-win situation. If the giants decide on a quarterback – and it's still just an "if" – then this may be the only way to make sure they get their man. And the Giants could give up their high second round and a few others. They have seven picks between rounds 4 and 7, and maybe they're more on the way to compensatory picks.

In order to get a franchise quarterback, they can also give up on the next year's draft. The jets get their pick. The giants get their quarterback. I mean, why not?

4) Jacksonville Jaguars (# 7)

There is no doubt that they look at the quarterbacks in this design, and there is no doubt that they are looking for ways to jump over the giants, though they decide to take one. Imagine that the jets would hold an auction with Tom Coughlin and the Giant as the two fiercest bidders. It would be fascinating.

The giants have more choice to offer. Both have extra picks in the third round. All their picks are in the same range. Would one of them dangle a 2020 first-rounder to seal the deal?

5) Detroit Lions (# 8)

But do not they Matthew Stafford contract a deal until 2022 that makes them uncalculable / tradable for the next two seasons? OK, sure, but on Tuesday, GM Bob Quinn refused to design a quarterback at # 8. They are unlikely to be in an urgent position to act, but if they fall in love with someone who can do it Stafford's successor …

6) Denver Broncos (# 10)

Now we're in the area, in which the jets would definitely get back a future first-rounder in a deal. Broncos GM John Elway is, frankly, quarterback-crazy in the first round. It's like he's a collector. Of course, he still has to find a franchise, and this time it is said to be … um … included in Missouri's Drew Lock .

If he's absolutely certain that he has found his man time, the next year's first-rounder, this year's Second-Rounder, must be worth, and perhaps one of the four additional picks they currently have in the rounds 4 to 7 have. The jets would probably still be within reach.

7) Miami Dolphins (# 13)

This comes in an area where the jets may not want to be, beyond the first set of perspectives in this design and possibly even the second row. They could get a passrusher, but it could be someone too far down to justify themselves with so much choice. You may need to move to another position (which will not be a problem if you fix your passivity issue with free mediation).

However, to avoid this, the package would have to look a little like LA Rams gave up to rise from 15 to 1 for Jared Goff in 2016. They gave up the entire top of their draft (a first round, two seconds and a third) as well as the first and third round selections in 2017 (though she retook a fourth and sixth lap first in 2016).

Sure, the jets will not make the first choice here, but the framework for a deal would be similar. [19659009] 8) Washington Redskins (# 15)

The Redskins are Unsure Alex Smith will return for the beginning of next season, or whether he will continue his career at all. Even if he does, he is 34 years old in May and comes back from a terrible leg injury. What is it worth for her to jump up and secure her quarterback of the future?

You only have five points in this design. Would you be willing to part with most of them, plus a future first-rounder? How about two future rounds? Owner Dan Snyder gave up a second round and two future firsts to move from 6 to 2. Robert Griffin III (19459005) (2012) … so he's just crazy enough.

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