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9 National Tequila Day 2018 Use Offers & Promotional Gifts After Work

Another day, another random holiday, dedicated to something we all know and love. However, the holidays on July 24th are very special: it's the National Tequila Day, which means that (if you're over 21 years old) is the perfect day to relax with a margarita. In fact, it is true that the National Tequila Day takes place in the middle of summer: even if you do not drink margarita, a tequila on the rocks with a dash of lime is a drink that only seems suitable for warmer weather. Of course, you can celebrate your choice with your own bottle of tequila at home, but sometimes it's more fun to go out. Luckily, there are tons of National Tequila Day deals that will make the day a lot cheaper.

Restaurants across the country offer great tequila deals to help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. This is the best opportunity to bring all your friends together and have a drink together, even if it's only one or two … or more (these offers are hard to resist!). Sure, it's a Tuesday night, but nobody will judge you on National Tequila Day! And even if, who really cares ?!

These offerings allow you to get a margarita or a drink with tequila at an incredible price while enjoying delicious food and the company of people around you who love tequila too. Take a look at these offers of the National Tequila Day, to which you can not say no:

Abuelo & # 39; s


On Tuesday, July 24, Abuelo & # 39 ; s stores nationwide premium margaritas for only $ 6.95. It's hard to beat this price for premium spirits.

2 Acapulco Joe's

On Tuesday, July 24th, you can go to one of Acapulco Joe's locations nationwide and buy a serving of Anejo or Silve Patron and give you the choice of one Give free chicken or beef taco. So you get shots and food for the price of one.

3 Bahama Breeze

Do not feel like having a drink on a Tuesday night? At Bahama Breeze locations across the country, you will receive the Classic Margarita in all participating locations through Thursday, July 26, for $ 5.

4 Chevys Fresh Mex

You Want To Move For This: The First 25 People Visiting A Chevy Site Nationally From 3pm On Tuesday, July 24, Get A Free T-Shirt, if you use the code "Tequila" when buying. Limited quantities and sizes available.

5 Chili's

Instead of offering only a $ 5 margarita, this chain restaurant offers three Margarita options for $ 5 on Tuesday, July 24th. They get points for their branding, frankly!

6 El Fenix ​​

Save money and get some margaritas that are frozen or served on the rocks for just $ 1 all day on July 24 at all locations across the country.

7 Hopdoddy Burger Bar [19659008] Burger bars also have tequila deals! Throughout Tuesday you can shop at all Hopdoddy locations across the country $ 5 Classic Frozen Margs and $ 2 Little Larrys

8 Hy-Vee

You get a $ 2 margarita at Hy-Vee Market Cricket and Market Grill Express locations nationwide on Tuesday, July 24th.

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