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9 paid iPhone apps that you can download for free today – BGR

We have a new executive summary for you to test on Wednesday for the best-paid iPhone and iPad apps on the market that are for sale for free. There are eight apps on the list today, all of which are available as free downloads, but only for a limited time, until the developers decide to pay for them again. Hurry up and grab them while they're free!

This post includes paid iPhone and iPad apps provided for free by their developers for a limited time. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end in an hour or a week. Of course, we can only guarantee that they were free at the time of writing this post. If you click on a link and next to the word "get" see a price next to an app, this is no longer free. The sale is over. If you download the app anyway, you will be billed by Apple. Subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as these posts are posted, and you will avoid missing the sales we cover.

Deep Terror

Usually $ 1.99.

"Who knows the end, what has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise, abomination waits and dreams in the depths, and the decay spreads over the wavering cities of men."

– HP Lovecraft

"Deep Terror" is in your hands, the invocation book that leads you to the heart of human horror. To get there, you must traverse different landscapes and solve enigmatic puzzles that allow you to confront beings from beyond, giving you the knowledge you need to make the final invocation.

Will you be able to deal with Q? Thul? and his devils, without going crazy on the way?

Download Deep Terror

Scanner App

Usually $ 2.99

Scanner App Scan everything into a clear & sharp image / PDF

With the Scanner App, you can quickly scan documents and put them into the PDF Convert format Save or email it, print and save in the cloud.

* Scan documents, photos, receipts or just anything.

* Batch mode combines multiple scans into a single PDF.

* Adopting advanced and fast algorithm, Scanner App Use advanced color processing algorithms to remove shadows, correct perspective and distortion and make your scans as readable as possible.

* With powerful and easy-to-use interface, Scanner App can quickly and easily adjust brightness, rotation and color by clicking on a page

Scanner App Features:
1.Mobile Scanner – Scans and manages yours Document that can contain multiple pages.

. 2 Fast scan in batch scan continuously in batch without process waiting time, which is fast and convenient.

. 3 Auto Sidecut – Use a professional image processing algorithm to help automatically crop the images.

. 4 Image Enhancement – Make sure the document is clear and legible.

. 5 Text Recognition (OCR) – OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature extracts text from a single page for further editing or sharing. (Paid app only)

6. PDFs in multiple sizes – more than 10 PDF formats are available (Letter, A4, B5, etc.). You can resize or use the self-adjusting mode.

. 7 Save image to image library – Easily edit images to save them in the image library.

. 8 E-mail – send your documents (PDF) or processed images by e-mail.

. 9 Add Header – The page of the search document can add headers that can be searched.

10th Custom Category – Set a custom category for your document for easy management and search.

. 11 Multiple browsing modes – support browsing modes, such as: B. list and document categorization.

12th Copy – supports document copy function for convenient document management.

. 13 Search – Quickly locate documents by searching document headers, page headers, etc.

Scanning Tips: Make sure the document is smooth and light-sensitive. Note: If your iPhone is in 3g mode or in the previous mode, be sure to place the iPhone 25 cm away from the document so it is not blurry. The background of the dead color can help to achieve the best recognition result of the document edge.

Download Scanner App


Usually $ 0.99

Over 150,000 people are tracking their time with BusyBox!
================================================================================================================================================================================== With BusyBox you can track the time you spend on all of your Spend activities.

+ Daily Tracking +
Visualize your activities for the current day.

+ Data visualization +

+ Notes +
If you need to log more details about your tasks, you can assign notes to your task logs. Logs can then be filtered for note content.

+ Export your data +
Export your activity data to an Excel file that can be read in Excel, OpenOffice or any spreadsheet software. The notes are also exported to the Excel file.

+ Open In +
Open the Excel file in any app that can open Excel files on your iPhone.

+ Share by E-Mail +
Send the Excel file by Email

Download BusyBox

YConvert PRO

Usually $ 1.99

YconvertPRO is the fastest way to convert units with millions of users.

YconvertPRO is designed to be fast, easy to use, precise, lightweight, designed to be iOS10 yet easy to use
It also has settings to satisfy your needs.

Not sure how to invest your money?
YconvertPRO offers you a solution with the new currency conversion function.

The built-in calculator allows you to easily use YconvertPRO without leaving the application for calculations.

You can also use YconvertPRO on your watch without having to pull the phone out of your pocket.

Conversion Categories (more in our frequent updates):

• Angle
• Territory
• Data
• Energy
• Force
• Length
• Mass
• Pressure
• Force
• Speed ​​
• Temperature
• Time
• V olume
• Currency Conversion and much more


• Built-in Calculator
• Transformation History
• Apple Watch Extension – instantly convertible on the wrist
• 3D Touch and fast action – make things you do most often faster
• Other applications made just for you

What are you waiting for? Download YConvert and start converting units NOW!

Download YConvert PRO

Passport Photo Free

Usually $ 0.99

Passport Photo Studio offers you the widest collection of photo effects and filters available on the iPhone. Get creative and create awesome photo styles.

Passport Photo Studio is the largest collection of photo filter effects on the iPhone, with frame effects that help you create the perfect photo.

Download Passport Photo Free

WeCard & Business Card Scanner

Usually $ 5.99

WeCard reads and stores your business cards and remembers everyone you meet on business. It is the perfect solution for those who have many business cards.

* Must-Have Apps for Sellers – The Wall Street Journal
* The Best OCR Scanner for Business Cards – Wired
* The business cards simply jump into your phones. It's so easy to use! – CNC

The best business card scanning app, download over 100 million users.

Also, it has unique features that are different from other software of this type:
Identify cards instantly and quickly save them on contacts;
Add photos, captions, and notes for cards;
Fully local ID and no need for linked network; ensure absolute security of data

recognize languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish Danish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

[Our suggestions]
For the best result please back up the photos
The clearer, the better. (Please photograph in well-lit places and do not try to shake during the photo shoot.)
The bigger the photo, the better (Please align the card in the photo shoot with the reminder frame)
Put the photo over the Cards and try to maintain the parallel direction

Download WeCard & Business Card Scanner

Mileage Log + Trip Log Tracker

Usually $ 2.99

Mileage Log + is THE indispensable app for tracking and logging miles.
Use Miles Log + for tax deductions, expense reporting, business travel reimbursement, and logging.

5 Star Reviews:
"I've tried a few, like this one the best, shining head and shoulders over the other one"
"I've tried several different mileage and mileage apps, this app really has the flexibility to make things as simple or as complex as you need them … Highly Recommended!

Make Your Miles MONEY in 2017!
IRS deduction is 53.5 ‰ per qualified mile. Do not miss your chance for business travel, charity events or medical trips – a 10-mile trip can bring you $ 5.35!

• Designed with IRS compliance
• Excel compliant e-mail Mail Reports (PDF and CSV Attachment)
• Frequent Rides Provide a Quick Start
• iCloud sync / backup
• Easily sort, filter and search for travel
• Predictive text boxes and data entry ekürzel
• Customizable categories make grouping trips easier

Download Mileage Log + Trip Log Tracker

Kids Monster Creator

$ 0.99 Usually

This app is a handy solution for busy families who take education seriously: the best way to learn math and have fun. Endless.

Kids Monster Creator – make early math calculations with voice recordings and make funny monster pictures suitable for any child aged 4 to 8, English and non English speaking child / family

Kids Monster Creator – make early math calculations with voice recordings and Funny Monster Pictures concept is based on the opinion of parents and teachers who have better learning tools available for their kids. We believe that creativity and learning should work together and build self-confidence and a deep understanding of the learning concepts.

Our app is a combination of 2 types of apps in 1: endless creativity + basic mathematical calculations. We believe that children can reach their potential through learning at their own pace. The app's calculations provide 140 simple interactive math elements in a fun and creative way, and over 330 awesome graphic elements that keep your child's creativity in an endless process.

Kids Monster Creator – Early math calculations with voice recordings and funny monster pictures are based on a multi-level learning method in which listening, seeing and touching are coordinated to reach the highest potential in each child's brain. It's been proven neurologically that multiple stimulation of the brain leads to better memory, and we'll do it with this powerful app.

Kids Monster Creator – early math calculations with voice recordings and funny monster pictures allow parents, grandparents, teachers or children to record their voices with the right result. The children will easily refer to the correct number and by listening, seeing and touching, the number will be memorized and moved forward for the next quiz.
This is a fun, interactive and smart way of memorizing at this age (4-8) using the correct math results with addition and subtraction math games

As a creative app – Kids Monster Creator – using early math calculations Voice recordings and funny monster pictures – gives the child the opportunity to develop his / her creative abilities by making cute monsters with more than 330 elements that have been specially designed and selected. Children can build their own little monsters and play in different colors and shapes.

As a Math App – Kids Monster Creator – make early math calculations with voice recordings and funny monster pictures – puts your child in the world of number, where little cute monster creatures displays arithmetic quizzes with multiple-choice answers for your child to choose. You can join in by recording the correct answer or encouraging your child to do it and save it for later.

Our app is children tested and children safe. No ads, no personal information, no in-app purchases, no GPS or location services, no direct internet access from the app.

If you find Kids Monster Creator – early math calculations with voice recordings and funny monster pictures helpful and fun, please leave a review in the iTunes App Store. Thank you

Download Kids Monster Creator

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