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9 takeaways so that the 49ers remain perfect after defeating the Divisions over the Aries

. 3 In the second quarter, the Rams drove the ball down to the 49er goal line. San Francisco's defense was strong and he managed to push back Malcolm Brown in four consecutive rush attempts, including a goal line, to force a downslope on Downs. San Francisco has just allowed a quick touchdown through five contests, scoring the only goal on the game's first Rams ride. This ended a touchdown of 8 yards between Jared Goff and Robert Woods.

"The goal has been stopped" I see it as sales, "said Defense Coordinator Robert Saleh." You're really swinging. The skill and the struggle these guys have to stand up there have gotten this boost. It only shows the will of this football team. Where they had the same situation and our boys were able to keep going. "A quarterback sneak to reach that touchdown, where we can push them and stay out of the end zone, right now our boys have a great mindset." [1

9659003] 4. More San Francisco defenses The 49er only allowed seven points On this day, there were a total of 165 yards offensive, 10 first downs and third down conversions the Rams at 0-9, the least in the Sean McVay Los Angeles was limited to just 3.1 yards per game, the lowest average in Rams franchise history, and was held goalless after its opening run, with San Francisco defending after back-to-back games of 395 and 490 yards passing the quarterback down to just 56 yards on Sunday, even the lowest of McVay coaching.

"I'm very happy with how we played," Kyle Shanahan said after the game. "We're 5-0, which is a great thing, we are not playing our best ball, we can do a lot better, it seemed like our defense was playing at an extremely high level, obviously less the first trip, offensive We can continue to improve and we can continue to improve in special teams, and I think our defense is just beginning. "

San Francisco managed to keep Los Angeles goalless after the first run.

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