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9 Top Resources to Get New Content Ideas from

Proper internet marketing is impossible without engaging content. But creating it on a regular basis can be difficult even for an experienced professional. Bad news: almost any person’s creative resources are exhaustible. But somehow we still get loads of high-quality info from all kinds of media!

How do they do it? There are some hacks. And we’re not talking about obvious things like:

  • taking a break;
  • going on vacation;
  • drawing inspiration from books and movies;
  • chatting with friends, etc.

There’s much more reliable stuff with predictable results: professional web tools. Read our list of 9 top resources to get new content ideas from and never experience a writer’s block again!

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Find the Hottest News

1. Feedly 

One of the biggest news aggregators on the internet.

On Feedly, you can create your own customized news feeds. After doing some preparatory job, you can enjoy fresh, carefully sorted info.

What’s more – Feedly has its own AI research assistant, Leo. He can “filter out the noise” and make your feeds even more focused if you teach him. Feedly is available directly on the web, but also as an app for desktops and mobiles. There are three versions: Free, Pro, and Teams.

2. AllTop

Another admired news aggregator with highly-trusted sources. 

If you’re searching for a top-quality choice of news resources, AllTop is the way to go to. They gather info from the front pages of such heavyweights as The New York Times, Reuters, and others. The site covers a huge range of topics – from tech to politics, from celebrities to personal finance.


You can also sign up to AllTop and unlock the option to create your own customized RSS feed. 

Scan the Trends

3. Google Trends 

The most obvious first choice. 

Surely, we don’t mean you must know everything about anything – to be a good content manager, just watch the trends in your niche. And who knows more about the most relevant search queries than Google?

Just type the keyword(s) in a search bar and get all the statistics sorted by country, region, category and more. Then enter the search results most relevant to your niche as a keyword in a headline generator – and voila! You’ve got the trending topic. 

4. AnswerThePublic 

A powerful research tool with a nice visual interface.

This is another instrument to work with popular queries. It gathers the most demanded autosuggest requests from both Google and Bing and shows them in a very convenient graphic form. Most features of this powerful tool are free, but there’s a paid Pro account, too.

You can also use AnswerThePublic to generate more traffic to your site or blog. 

Get Closer to the Audience 

5. Quora 

One of the most popular question-and-answer platforms on the internet.

Here users ask, answer and rate questions, and Quora’s algorithm ranges the quality of the answers based on previous rates. 

To test the potential of a topic, you can ask a question yourself, and see the reaction. Or you can just choose the most popular questions to see what people want to know about and what others think of it. 

The site requires logging in, but the process is free and simple. You can also use your Google or Facebook account.

6. Reddit 

A huge “network of communities” with a lot of user-generated content.

Reddit is one of the leading social networks on the internet. People use it to share opinions and solve problems by asking other’s tips and advice. Just choose the right subreddit and find the most actively discussed subjects. 

You can view the info on Reddit without registering, but to take part in discussions and post your own content, you’ll need to sign up. It’s free, but there’s a Premium version available, too. 

Create a Catchy Headline 

7. Sumo Kickass Headline Generator 

A simple yet effective step-by-step headline generator

This tool is rather primitive, but when used wisely, it can still be helpful. It can build up a headline step-by-step by asking you to specify some essential features of your future article. 

8. Headline Generator 

A powerful title generator with an insanely big choice of results. 

This is a much more sophisticated instrument for headline creation. The choice of suggestions here is extremely large but you can’t give any further information during the process and have to stick to your keyword only.

There’s also a paid PickFu option here, which enables you to test the chosen headlines on an actual audience. 

Build Up the Texture

9. Ubersuggest 

One of the most popular keyword research tools


Keywords research instruments are vital for making the content that search engines will love. But apart from helping you with SEO, they can give you more ideas on how to develop your chosen theme. Ubersuggest has a free plan, but to use all the amazing features, you’ll have to create an account or log in with Google.

What’s Next? 

Here we’ve given some of the best instruments to help you get ideas for content creation. If you have at least some clue as to what you want to say to your audience, the rest is practice. 

Then, you can go further. The next most important thing is to embellish your texts with photos and/or videos – and make it all work. Good luck!