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91-year-old man hit with bricks, said "go back to your own country".

"I can not walk anymore," Rodriguez said in Spanish. "I'm in so much pain."

He will be 92 in September, Rodriguez said, and he has never been so hurt before, in a life that works the fields with cattle and corn.

He was from Michoacan, Mexico, to visit his family in Willowbrook, California, a city in Los Angeles County, said his grandson Erik Mendoza.

He makes the trip about twice a year and walks around the neighborhood every day after lunch, Mendoza said. "Everyone in the neighborhood already knows him," he said.

Rodriguez said he had gone to a nearby park on Wednesday when he passed a woman and a little girl. Without warning, the woman attacked him, he said, hitting him with a concrete block and a group of men to beat him.

"I did not even come across her child," said Rodriguez. "I just walked past her and she squeezed me and she hit me until she was done."

"We are concerned, especially with the kind of crimes they have committed," said LA Deputy Sheriff's Deputy D & # 39; Angelo Robinson CNN affiliate KTLA. "There was a 4-year-old kid who witnessed the whole thing, we can not have such people on the streets."

When the office of the LA County Sheriff's was reached by CNN, it confirmed the attack, but declined to comment further and said it would soon make a formal statement.

Misbel Borjas drove by when she saw the woman repeatedly beating Rodriguez. She said, "I heard her say: Go back to your country, go back to Mexico," she told CNN by phone. "When I tried to pick her up with my phone, she threw the same concrete block and tried to hit my car."

Police are looking for the woman and the four men seen in Borja's video, Robinson KTLA said.

Rodriguez said he did not remember when the woman picked up the concrete block, but he remembers being hit repeatedly. At some point, he says, the woman ran to a group of nearby men and told them that Rodriguez was trying to get her daughter away from her ̵

1; so the men joined her and started kicking him as he lay bleeding on the sidewalk Rodriguez said.

"But that's not true," he said in tears. "In the years I'm still alive, I have never insulted anyone."

Mendoza said his grandfather has a broken jaw, broken cheekbones, two broken ribs and bruises on the face, back and stomach. He spent five or six hours in the hospital, he said.

The family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover the medical expenses of Rodriguez.

Like his grandfather in a lounge chair in the family home in a white dress T-shirt and blue plaid pajamas, Mendoza kissed him in one of the few places where he had not been injured: head parting.

"We think we have an idea (who are the suspects), but I just want the police to find them," Mendoza said. "That's all our family wants, justice for our grandfather."

CNN's Andrea Diaz contributed to this report.

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