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  Supreme Intelligence
Credit: Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel Producer Jonathan Schwartz has confirmed that the Supreme Intelligence, a living computer that is one of the leaders of the Kree, will appear in the film. 19659004] "Sure," Schwartz said ComicBook when he was asked if the Supreme Intelligence plays a role in the movie. "It's part of the fun of the Kree world to establish Supreme Intelligence, I do not think you could do Hala without it."

It's unclear how much Supreme Intelligence will cling to the classic cartoon version of the character. This is a big, green, floating head full of tubes in a jar. It is possible that Annette Bening's as yet unidentified character is the Supreme Intelligence or a physical manifestation of the classic version.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Although it does not confirm details about the Supreme Intelligence, a recent featurette goes behind the scenes of Captain Marvel and shows how actress Brie Larson became Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel.

Check it out:

Captain Marvel is expected in theaters on March 8th.

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