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A 2-year-old smashed $ 1,060 of his family's money. His mother cried – until she laughed.

There are the toddlers throwing tantrums in the grocery store and rinsing watches on the toilet . There are others who paint with permanent markers anywhere on the wall or decide that a sibling or a pet needs a haircut.

Then there are the 2-year-olds who know how to work a shredder.

Leo Bennap is such a two-year-old.

On Sunday, his parents Ben and Jackee Belnap from the Salt Lake City area noticed that a major $ 1,060 envelope mysteriously disappeared . They said KSL.

Last year, the University of Utah's stubborn football fans had saved money to repay Ben's parents for season tickets, they said.

They started ripping apart the house to look for the money – under the rugs, in the drawers, on the couch, even in the trash, News4Utah reports.

"I dig through the garbage," Ben Bennap told KSL, "and [Jackee] roars and says, 'I found it.'

It was in the shredder. In a thousand tiny parts.

Immediately, Jackee Belnap said she He knew that Leo was the culprit, that he helped her destroy junk mail and documents, she told KSL, apparently thinking that he would be helpful this time as well.

First, Belnap cried, she said – just for one Then they laughed.

"As dejected and as ill as we are," she said to New4Utah, "that was a j Here are moments when you just have to laugh. "

Hope and maybe the money, maybe not lost for the couple

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing offers a solution in the event that a toddler passes through hundreds of dollars Coincidence destroyed. In fact, the office has a whole "Mutilated Currency Division" dedicated to "redeeming" burnt, wet-saturated, chemically altered, rodent-chewed or corrupted money – a free service to the public. It manages about 30,000 claims per year and redeems more than $ 30 million in maimed cash, according to its website.

The currency "must be forwarded to the office of engraving and printing for examination by trained experts before any eradication takes place," The website says:

This is the way the couple hopes to go. Ben Belnap told KSL that they had contacted the Ministry of Finance with questions and told him to send the remainder of the money to Washington in Ziploc Baggies.

On Twitter, Ben made a picture of the couple's meticulous efforts to separate the currency from the other tattered pieces of junk mail so they could send it to the government. And in six months to three years they can get it back.

In the meantime Leo will not use the Shredder anymore. The silver streak: "Well, that will one day be a great wedding story," Jackie Belnap told KSL.

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