It's impressive enough to double a runner with a 321-foot throw, but by throwing the runner at the first base?

A & # 39; s center fielder Ramon Laureano did just that in a 7-0 win on Saturday against the Angels.

In the third inning, Laureano found a ride from Justin Upton on the warning lane in the left middle of the field. According to .

After putting on the brakes, Laureano turned and fired first-baseman Mark Canha to double Eric Young Jr. Who had rounded the second base when the ball was caught.

"The catch, I know, I'm having it done before, but the litter is pretty crazy, "said Laureano after the game. "It was a crazy game, a crazy moment, I was shocked."

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Such were his teammates.

"That's the best litter I've ever seen," A's shortstop Marcus Semien said, "At least the furthest litter I've ever seen on the line."

According to Statcast Litter clocked at 91.2 mph.

A & # 39; s outfielders have a new history of making ridiculous litters against the Angels, specifically the former Oakland outfielder Yoenis Céspedes.

Remember this from June 10, 2014? The victim was Howie Kendrick.