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"A bit late with Lilly Singh" brings a new perspective into the late night – deadline

Lilly Singh made the best possible transition from online to linear – by presenting the very first episode of her new NBC late-night show A Little Late with Lilly Singh on YouTube before being broadcast on television.

Scott Angelheart / NBC

Lilly Singh takes over the 1:35 window of opportunity previously held by Last Call With Carson Daly but also a new perspective that did not exist in the nighttime space – and that's what she immediately makes clear in her opening sketch.

The show started with Singh coming to a meeting of executives to discuss what they would do for their new show. The room is full of white men and Singh tries to share her ideas, but they try to shape her into something she is not. They want her to wear bland suits and make political comments. She says that this is not her and that she "wants to share my point of view … especially a woman and everything".

"The Titan Games" Renewed: Dwayne Johnson's Competition Series Will Become Season 2 on NBC [19659007] The men immediately laugh and say, "Is not your perspective my perspective?" And continue: "I'm not sure people are referring to it!"

Singh replies, "I'm not sure I'm related to 10." Seasons of friends ! "And again the men laugh when Singh says," I just want to be myself! "

Scott Angelheart / NBC

At this moment, someone's phone goes off with music That inspires Singh to tell the men about her and her wishes. The sketch immediately turns into a twerk-worthy music video in which Singh raps himself and what she wants to bring to the table.

She starts spitting the rhymes: "Hello, my name is Lilly and I'm not a white man / My skin has a certain color and it's not a tan / I know you're just used to being in Jimmy's Limelight stands / but I throw some melanin into your late night. "[19659004] From then on, the lyrics start to burn:" My author's room looks like a mini-United Nations / More than 50 percent of women and people of all races / And not because I had to, but because I could / That the new standard, so take Hollywood notice. "

Then at some point she talks about her love life:" I want to spice up your life, so if you want to be my lover I put B in LGBT / I take Sansa and her brother.

The introductory sketch / music video is the best way to debut what we can expect from Singh with their new talk show. She steps on the door and immediately addresses all the elephants in the room: being a woman, being a woman of color, her Indian heritage, her sexuality, the diversity in Hollywood, and how Jimmy knows how to reign late into the night. It is almost perfect and flows into her opening monologue.

"I understand … I'm not your traditional talk show presenter," she said in reference to the people who see a colored presenter on a late night show. "The media has mentioned that I'm a bisexual woman with so much color that I think I should just change my name."

Scott Angelheart / NBC

Singh does not suggest the fact that she's the first woman with color to host a late-night show in the floor. She is not always joking about the lack of inclusivity in Hollywood. In fact, she uses this as fuel for her show, so she may pave the way for other color hosts. Yes, she calls on Hollywood to treat the underrepresented in the first episode, but she does not abandon her show. It's funny, light and yet thoughtful … but at the same time, more people should call Hollywood, because if Singh does not, who will?

With DJ Daniel delivering the tunes and a set that reflects Singh's personality, The First Episode of A Little Late is the perfect half-hour piece of late-night goodness that's an ideal one Represents balance of sketch, bits, monologue and guest interview. During her premiere, Rainn Wilson made a startling appearance to give her a "White Noise Machine" (which is not really what you think), and she welcomed her South Asian compatriot Mindy Kaling as her first interview (once it said so be the first time) two Indians were together on TV late at night.

Singh comes in for her very first episode in the best possible way with jokes, carefree fun and authenticity. Being a pioneering YouTube icon is an asset to Singh, as she knows how to quickly produce large volumes of content and connect with audiences. A little late is thoughtful and crackles with millennial energy without overthrowing you in emojis. And while Singh does not want to be political, her presence hopefully changes the way we see representation on television.

Listen to Lilly Singh's expanded interview tomorrow in the New Hollywood podcast of deadline. 19659023]
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