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A blast from the past: GeForce GTX 980 Ti vs.. GTX 1660 Ti vs. RTX 2060

Today we revamp the GeForce GTX 980 Ti to see how it can be outfitted with the newly released RTX 2060 and GTX 1660 Ti, especially on newer titles like Apex Legends, Resident Evil 2 and Far Cry New Dawn. While the GTX 1660 Ti is sold for $ 280 and the RTX 2060 is $ 350, the GTX 980 Ti was much more expensive to market at $ 650.

The GTX 980 Ti is now four years old GPUs are about half the price to reach a similar level of performance … right?

While the 980 Ti contains 2816 CUDA cores, the RTX 2060 has 32% fewer cores and the 1660 Ti has 45% fewer cores. However, these Turing kernels are wider so that they can execute more instructions, and they are also clocked higher. The Nvidia specification for the 980 Ti requires a boost clock of 1

075 MHz. This gives the RTX 2060 a clock advantage of 56% and the GTX 1660 Ti a clock advantage of 65%.

The Turing GPUs also feature higher clocked GDDR6 memory, although the RTX 2060 features a 192-bit memory bus that faces the 980 Ti's much wider 384-bit bus make up for the difference with the faster memory, so that both have the same memory bandwidth of 336 GB / s. The 1660 Ti has been downgraded to 288 GB / s with its 12 Gbps memory, but as we already know, this is not affected much.

Earlier this year, in our "Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Video Card" "We found the average selling price of a used GTX 980 Ti at $ 235. Once again, we looked at the full eBay listings when we worked on this article

That makes this comparison all the more interesting if you should consider getting the 980 Ti for around $ 235 or buying a brand new GTX 1660 Ti for $ 280 ? To figure this out, we purchased our Core i9-9900K test system, installed the 980 Ti and benchmarked it.We tested a total of 33 games, but we will discuss the results for a dozen of these games before looking at the summary and breakdown charts All tests took place at 1440p, and while we used a reference card, we overclocked it to 1190 MHz, giving it a typical could maintain a boost clock of 1.3GHz. Let us avoid these notes and go into the results.


Instead of limiting this test to a dozen titles, we wanted to target at least 30. This gives us a broader perspective The older Maxwell GPU is impressive and compares the performance of older games with recently released ones. We mention this because it did not make sense to invest twice as much time in the test of the 980 Ti with different clock rates to test such a large selection of games. When deciding to use either the Nvidia specification or an aggressive factory overclock, we opted for the latter. The overclocked configuration provides for the most part a performance of 10%, under certain conditions even by 15%.

Our first Metro Exodus test was the only game in which we took the stock 980 Ti as a reference. Here we see that overclocking brought a performance gain of 9%, which is decent.

The 980 Ti is a bit slower than the GTX 1070 and a bit faster. This reference point is a good thing for us, and this is usually what you might find in the high-end AIB models, such as Gigabyte's Gaming G1.

The overclocked 980 Ti performs extremely well in the shadow of the Tomb Raider and beat the GTX 1070 by a few frames, which dropped only 2 FPS compared to the 1660 Ti and 1070 Ti models.

If we continue, we find that Forza Horizon 4 is a good comparison, it uses modern GPU architectures very well. The GTX 980 Ti could only compete with the Radeon RX 590 and was therefore ~ ​​10% slower than the 1660 Ti and RTX 2060.

Next up is Just Cause 4 and here comes the GTX 980 Ti right behind the GTX 1070 and 1660 Ti. Nothing extraordinary about these results, so let's move on.

Resident Evil 2 is being burnt up. We can see that the overclocked 980 Ti is approximately capable of making the GTX 1660 Ti approximately 16% slower than the RTX 2060.

The 980 Ti dropped in the test with Hitman 2 GTX 1660 Ti together while 14% slower than the RTX 2060 and 16% slower than Vega 56. Still a pretty solid result old Maxwell GPU.

Fortnite uses the Unreal Engine 4. This game engine is very familiar with the Pascal architecture.

Here the overclocked 980 Ti has just launched the GTX 1070 and 1660 Ti It is just behind the GTX 1070 Ti and is not much slower than the RTX 2060. It surpassed AMD's Vega 56 with a margin of 6%.

The GTX 980 Ti is really good compared to the Pascal competition and beat the 1070 by a few frames. However, Turing is very good in this title, so the 980 Ti was 10% slower than the 1660 Ti and 22% slower than the RTX 2060.

Testing with Battlefield V shows that the overclocked GTX 980 Ti is equivalent to the GTX 1070, and we find it very similar to the GTX 1660 Ti.

The 980 Ti was 14% slower than A typical AIB version of the RTX 2060, not a huge margin, but given the Maxwell GPU used, which earned us $ 650, the fact that we're not just for $ 350 get more power, good news] Although World of Tanks has undergone several important updates, it is still a very old game. It's also well-optimized for older GPU architectures, and Nvidia has ensured that its legacy GPUs in this popular title still work as intended. In the case of the 980 Ti, this means delivering GTX 1070 Ti-like performance, making it 16% faster than the 1660 Ti and only 6% slower than the RTX 2060.

Apex Legends is among the We test the latest games, and as you can see, the overclocked GTX 980 Ti is just behind the GTX 1070, behind the GTX 1660 Ti and solid behind the RTX 2060.

The distance to Pascal is not too big The more complex Turing Architecture provides a significant performance boost, especially when comparing GPUs with similar core numbers.

The final game in this round is Far Cry New Dawn. Here, the overclocked 980 Ti outperformed the standard GTX 1070 and 1660 Ti with an average of 74 fps. It was 15% slower than the RTX 2060, but I'm not suggesting that the RTX budget option is a worthwhile upgrade for current 980 Ti owners …

Individual Matchups [19659025] GTX 980 Ti vs. GTX 1070

As we've seen over and over again in the past, the GTX 980 Ti and GTX 1070 deliver substantially the same performance. With the standard Nvidia specification, the 1070 is generally a bit faster and overclocked with both to the max, they are also very close, although the 980 Ti is slightly better overall thanks to its large overclocking margin.

GTX 980 Ti vs. Vega 56

For the most part, we have found Vega 56 to outperform the 980 Ti. On average, the old GeForce GPU with only 5 games was on average 7% slower, with the 980 Ti winning at least 5% margin. Considering what you usually pay for one of these things in the used market, they are often the better choice for budget buyers.

GTX 980 Ti vs. GTX 1660 Ti

All in all, the venerable 980 Ti was a whisker faster and only surpassed the Budget Turing GPU by 2%. While we used a standard MSI GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X, the 980 Ti was naturally overclocked. In other words, you can only push 5-10% more out of the 1660 Ti anyway. It's still great to see that we finally reach the GTX 980 Ti for under $ 300.

GTX 980 Ti vs. RTX 2060

Even with the overclocking boost, the 980 Ti can not hang with an RTX 2060. On average, the Maxwell part was 12% slower, but we also saw cases where he was 20 B. slower by 25%, for example in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Rainbow Six wins, Wolfenstein II and Apex Legends ,

Bottom Line

The once mighty GeForce GTX 980 Ti is now a submarine match – $ 300 GPU only lasted about 4 years. If you've lost $ 1,440 for a 980 Ti 650 years ago, then you can say you've earned your money.

Obviously, GTX 1660 Ti and RTX 2060 have won for such a person. No upgrade is required as this would be a minor matter. However, if you have a $ 650 worth of GPU shoppers, these mid-range deals are unlikely to entice you. You're probably after an RTX 2080 – in titles like Metro Exodus you've just seen a 60% increase in performance, which is much more significant.

Well, if you get up in the middle of buying a new GTX 1660 Ti or a used GTX 980 Ti … while you can save around $ 50 by buying the 980 Ti (price tag at $ 235), there is always the possibility that you have to pay more for a good model. However, if you are ready to wait your time, you can get it for even less. It's a bit of art to buy second-hand, but no matter how good you are, there are still some inevitable pitfalls.

Obviously, the 980 Ti is now an old product, so there is no guarantee. The risk of $ 50 savings does not seem worth it. There is also the problem of driver support. Without question, the GTX 1660 Ti will get better with game-specific optimizations.

All in all, the GTX 980 Ti has aged well and is still capable of delivering a pleasurable 1440 horsepower gaming experience. Ask any enthusiast and that says a lot.

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