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A blow to the #MeToo Sexual Witch Hunt: the shameful collapse of the case against actor Kevin Spacey

A Beat Against the # MeToo Sexual Witch Hunt: The Vicious Collapse of the Case Against Actor Kevin Spacey

David Walsh

July 19, 2019

Kap and the Island District Attorney Michael O'Keefe of Massachusetts announced Wednesday that his office will stop the sexual assault trial of well-known actor Kevin Spacey. The prosecution had little choice in the matter, as the prosecutor in the case, William Little, had refused to testify on a missing cell phone 10 days ago that the actor's claimed innocence was essential.

Asked by Spacey's lawyer, if he understood that deleting relevant text messages from his cell phone would be illegal. After pleading with his family and legal counsel for the fifth amendment, Little pleaded against self-incrimination, which essentially stalled the court hearings and the entire case. Spacey was accused of fumbling the then 1

8-year-old late at night in a bar and restaurant in Nantucket. The actor argued that the incident involved a friendly flirtation. Kevin Spacey in House of Cards] Judge Thomas S. Barrett of the Nantucket District Court said on July 8 that the case may be dismissed if the prosecutor continues to refuse to testify. Barrett pointed out that the case was about Little and that the Massachusetts Commonwealth would "have a tough fight without him".

A July 17, July 17, 2010 prosecution press release said, "On Sunday, July 14, 2019, the complaining witness, family members, and attorney of the complaining witness met in the prosecutor's office to hear the case The complainant witness was informed that the case could not proceed further if he continued to invoke his right to the fifth amendment, and after another private meeting with his lawyer, the complaining witness decided his right As a result, the Procuratorate entered into a minority Prosequi, a voluntary withdrawal of charges against Spacey. "Because of the unavailability of the complaining witness."

The case against Spacey stank from the beginning after a politically motivated revenge.

Nantucket's assertion was made in Nov ember 2018 from Klein's mother Heather Unruh, a former local news anchor at a widely-used press conference in Boston. Unruh announced that she "wanted to jail Kevin Spacey. I want the hand of justice to come down on him.

Neither the family nor the authorities ever explained why the prosecutor took 15 months to report the alleged police raid. No objective observer would fail to be surprised by the date of the original report, 31 October 2017. This was a few weeks after the outbreak of the #MeToo campaign and just two days after the actor Anthony Rapp had accused Spacey in a movie An interview in which he had made improper progress 30 years earlier than he did 14 and Spacey was 26 years old, which had fueled the sexual witch hunt.

Following the ad in January 2019, the prosecutors falsely claimed that Little filed his police report three months after the 2016 incident. The "senior investigator in the case … said on Monday [July 8] When he asked Spacey's defense attorney that the one-year difference was the result of a "typo." It would take a very naïve person to believe that the suspect might be the date of Littles first police report, which immediately followed Rapp's allegations , was not a worrying detail for the police and prosecutors.

The prosecutor's inability to bring even this wretched case to justice is not just for Rapp a degrading Massachusetts authorities and balance, but for the entire #MeToo witch hunt

The prosecution's opposition to Spacey comes with the victory of Australian actor Geoffrey Rush in a defamation suit in April against Rupert Murdoch's tabloid Daily Telegraph and his prominent gossip columnist Jonathon Moran. The lawsuit was filed in response to the newspaper's claim that Rush was guilty of "inappropriate" behavior toward a co-star in a production of King Lear as "King Leer," a "sexual predator" and a "pervert".

The McCarthyite # MeToo campaign has been largely fueled by allusions, gossip, and unsubstantiated or anonymous denunciations fueled by media frenzy. If charges such as the Rush and Spacey cases have been thoroughly investigated and questioned, they are gone.

The Nantucket case did not destroy Spacey's extraordinary acting career on its own, but played his own filthy role. Fantastically, FoxBusiness news on Wednesday complained that the case had fallen apart against Spacey, "but Netflix and Hollywood producers who employed the actor [had] lost millions." We left the executive of Netflix, the producer of House of Cards, no tears to The Cowards and Opportunists also include director Ridley Scott and Imperative Entertainment, who cut out the actor from the already completed All Money in the World and re-record his scenes with Christopher Plummer.

Following the decision of the Cape Cod District Attorney to abandon the case, CBS News's "legal expert" claimed that Rikki Klieman had "in no way" held the prosecution's attitude in favor of a discharge from Spacey. Klieman himself first remarked, "If you have a lamenting witness who is allegedly the victim of a sexual assault requesting the fifth subamendment and therefore will not testify, which do you have? You have nothing. Klieman tried to explain, "The prosecution was only faced with the case that the alleged victim … had accepted the fifth amendment and had no witness to tell what The "alleged victim" accepted the fifth amendment He was warned against illegality to erase potentially exonerating evidence and is unlikely to say that "what happened".

There are now many People Who Looked At The #MeToo Campaign Never Awakened Great Genuine Public Compassion The collective realization of self-responsible, mostly female Hollywood actors – years after the fact that they are the shabby, rude kind of work done by studio managers and others , even worse, were treated by themselves, did not like to have agreed to their Karrie to advance, was not a major national scandal, or constituted a cause that the mass of the population had to adopt.

The #MeToo campaign and its leading spokespersons continued to conspicuously ignore the situation of immigrant detainees, the systematic brutality, and in many appalling cases, sexual abuse.

The lack of interest in working women's relationships is no coincidence. The hysteria of sexual abuse launched following the 2016 elections was from the beginning aimed at whipping the attention of the Democratic Party and media initiators (Ronan Farrow and others) to vulnerable layers of mainly bourgeois professionals distracting from the social crisis do anything to block a left movement against the Trump administration. The #MeToo effort was designed to create a politically disoriented and toothless, "generic" movement without class boundaries that would easily accept and encourage warmongers such as Hillary Clinton (Farrow's former foreign ministry chief) to allow the Democrats to breathe and allow them to to raise opposition to Trump, which focuses on anti-Russian and other pseudo-questions.

The clash of media, police and prosecutors and politics The system against Spacey shows something of the reactionary direction and background of this campaign.

Another indication of this social reality and in particular the subjectivist, irrational side of the crusade against sexual abuse is the announcement by actress Alyssa Milano who initiated the #MeToo campaign with a tweet on October 15, 2017 that she participated in The Democratic Party's first fundraiser for the 2020 election cycle, self-help guru and raving i dealer Marianne Williamson, one of the two dozen Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination. An article by the popular mathematics and popular science scholar Martin Gardner in 1992 reported that Williamson believed that the "voice" she described in her book A Course in Miracles came from Jesus. and that "disease is an illusion and actually does not exist". According to the Los Angeles Times (19459014), she once told a group of HIV-positive students that the AIDS virus is no more powerful than God.

Despite the Spacey setback, the #MeToo witch hunt, which is being driven by powerful social forces, continues. Both the recent announcement by Netflix to hold a stand-up special with comedian Aziz Ansari and the news that comic-comedy colleague Chris Hardwick is returning to the San Diego Comic-Con have come under fire. Ansari was charged with being sexually aggressive on a date in January 2018 by an anonymous woman, and Hardwick faced unfounded allegations of abuse by an ex-girlfriend. Neither man was almost charged with a crime, but that did not stop them from exposing themselves to career-threatening attacks.

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