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A father knitted his baby's sleep pattern data into a blanket

Seung Lee created a tangible, very soft depiction of his baby's first sleeping pattern in the form of a knitted blanket. Lee collected the sleep data by manually logging it using the Baby Connect app and converted the data using JavaScript and Python to visualize the knitting pattern. He then built a browser-based HTML / Javascript tool that tracked the stitch colors and allowed them to point to them wherever he was knitting. The result is The Sleep Blanket, a beautiful keepsake that tells the story of the baby and parent's first year together.

The 42 x 45-inch blanket consists of 185,000 stitches and has cost Lee more than three months. Each line represents a single day. The top line marks the day the baby was born, and the bottom line is the baby's first birthday. Each stitch corresponds to six minutes of waking time (gray) or sleeping time (blue). So the blanket is read from left to right with the left stitch marking 00:00 and the right stitch ending at 23:54.

The shift of the sleep pattern towards the end of the blanket is due to an overland trip the family undertook to celebrate the baby's birthday. Lee says he thought about adjusting the timestamps but keeping them, as this is part of the story.

The precision of knitting makes it an excellent medium for data visualization, for example, at the time when a German commuter was holding on to the delay of his train in a rail delay scarf. The scarf was auctioned on eBay for charity for $ 8,650, but the blanket that holds the chaos of a baby's first year in a steady rhythm is invaluable] http://www.theverge.com/ [19659005] Seung Lee

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