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A full-day impeachment breakdown increases anticipation for Gordon Sondland

Sondland also accused Trump's current top envoy to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, of being a flummox when he asked his colleagues to exclude the notetakers from a phone call with Zelensky in June. Later, he told Taylor, who testified last week that "everything" – a visit to the White House and military assistance – depended on the opening of Trump's favorite investigation.

If the testimony of the seven witnesses who have come out in public substantiates anything, then Sondland can bring together all the far-flung elements of the Democratic indictment and bring clarity – or throw the probe into further confusion ̵

1; with its testimony on Wednesday.

And despite the high expectations of Sondland, there is cause for caution. The testimony on this point has raised serious questions about the credibility of Sondland. Some witnesses have stolen Sondland for his close relationship with Trump, and they sometimes wondered if it was puffy.

Morrison said on Tuesday that, as successor to Hill in her senior position on the National Security Council, he warned him against taking care of the "Gordon problem". This was an indication of Sondland's intense efforts to secure the politically motivated Ukrainian investigation for Trump he recalled.

But Morrison and others also confirmed that when Sondland claimed to talk to Trump, he had really spoken with Trump.

Unlike many other witnesses who have testified, Trump did not attack Sondland. who received the EU embassy after contributing $ 1 million to the President's opening committee.

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