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A full pink moon will be visible over Ontario Skies next month

Many of us have overcome the freezing cold this winter to catch a glimpse of the amazing Super Blood Wolf Moon. However, it looks like this is not the only heavenly event you should have marked in your calendar for this year. Next month, a full pink moon will light up the skies across Ontario.

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According to the Old Farmers Almanac this full pink moon is expected to appear in the early morning of Friday. April 19, and will be the most visible at 07:12 across Ontario.

However, before you spend the morning looking outside for a real pink moon, you should know that the moon does not appear pink. Instead, this full moon symbolizes the change of seasons and the harvest.

But this full moon will still be a sight . So do not be distracted by the disappointment that you are not pink, and look at the way to work in the morning. It is the fourth full moon of 201


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@ loui.v __ embedded over 19659011] The all-pink moon is named after a pink wildflower the wild phlox that begins to grow throughout Canada in the spring. This moon can be known by its other well-known names such as the fish moon, the egg moon or the emerging Grasmond.

The pink full moon also has a historical significance (19459004), as this moon was one of the species to which Easter was committed. The holiday falls on the Sunday after the vernal equinox marked by this full pink moon.

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The almanac of the old farmer says that this full moon is expected to bring frost. So prepare for some cool mornings. It is also said that if the full moon is pale in ascent, rain is expected for the month.

The Rise of the Pink Moon moon is also the best time to kill, mow and prune weeds. So, if you've been waiting for the perfect spring clean-up time, the day of the full pink moon may be the best time to do so.

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. However, if you are not an early riser and have missed the full pink moon at the end of you can catch the full flower moon that will arrive in May.

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